A customizable Flappy Bird clone. Flap around ANYthing you want.
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#Flappy Mascot Flappy Mascot

A customizable Flappy Bird clone, with Tux as default Mascot.

Add custom assets and flap around anything you want. Use the default, or play with whatever motive you like and have some fun!

Based on Flappy Bird from Igor Rozani.

REUSE status

#Table of Contents

#How to run

The game is build with Phaser 3 without additional dependencies.

Only a webserver that can serve static content is required to run and host the game.

For local test / demo purposes, you can use Python, for example by running python3 -m http.server, afterwards the game is accessible via http://localhost:8000.

If you prefer nodejs, install the http server npm install http-server -g and run http-server in the same directory as the game source.


The primary location is: https://git.sr.ht/~wombelix/flappy-mascot

Mirrors of the repository are available on Codeberg, Gitlab and Github.


Please don't hesitate to provide Feedback, open an Issue or create an Pull / Merge Request.

Just pick the workflow or platform you prefer and are most comfortable with.

Feedback, bug reports or patches to my sr.ht list ~wombelix/inbox@lists.sr.ht or via Email are also always welcome.


The assets used in this project come from FlapPyBird created by Sourabh Verma.


Unless otherwise stated: MIT

All files contain license information either as header comment or corresponding .license file.

REUSE from the FSFE implemented to verify license and copyright compliance.