Zfs-Extended Roman's Backup System Thingy
b2d434c2 — Frank Doepper 1 year, 11 months ago
sleep before rsync -i if under load
b744ce9e — Frank Doepper 2 years ago
rsync -X
fd3aa64b — Frank Doepper 2 years ago
try to create zfs dataset if directory does not yet exist



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Zfs-Extended Roman's Backup System Thingy


  • configurable via config files
  • syncs data from remote hosts via
    • rsync or
    • zfs send | zfs recv
  • makes snapshots (via zfSnap) before and after sync
  • generates lists of deleted or modified files for archiving on tape via tar


  • bash
  • rsync
  • ssh
  • GNU coreutils (df --output=fstype,source)
  • zfs / zfsonlinux
  • zfSnap

tested on Debian (Jessie (8) and Stretch (9))

#Quick Start

cd /backup || exit 1
zerbst-suck-rsync /etc/zerbst-suck-rsync.cfg
zerbst-suck-zfssendrecv /etc/zerbst-suck-zfssendrecv.cfg

For zerbst-suck-zfssendrecv, zfSnap has to be present on the remote host, and the destination zfs must exist on the local (receiving) side.