blog: Boycotting Twitch
blog: Reddit drama
about: Update working status and bachelor thesis
nix: add run for developing
blog: add notice on discord post
about: add matrix contact and pgp key
add nix flake

This unfortunately doesn't play well with `.Lastmod` as the `.git` folder isn't
included in nix derivations.
About: no longer seeking employment, clarify PGP
About: add section about using PGP and WKD
blog: Password Managers Part 2
Disable logging entirely

I completely forgot about the fact that logs were enabled on my server.
Anyways, they're not anymore. Not at all.

Freedom and privacy above all.
Microblog: Why I use this Microblog
Blog: update offsite backup solution
Blog: Off-site backup solution
Update employment status and reorder languages
Redo blog layout

Yeet bloated CSS framework, adopt minimal CSS
Add more RSS feeds to openring
Microblog: Slow nextcloud client startup post
License: Content is CC-BY-SA, add notice in footer
Blog: post about speedrun.com and it's issues