v0.5.0 4 months ago

rss-email v0.4.5

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (2):
      build: Add a Makefile
      ci: Use the Makefile in CI

Thomas Böhler (20):
      doc: Add XDG base dir spec note to man pages
      doc: Add example configuration to rss-email.5
      doc: Add FILES section to rss-email man pages
      doc: Split author section into multiple sections
      doc: Don't indent OPTIONS heading in rss-email.1
      doc: Use conventional CONFIGURATION section
      chore: Change author name
      doc: Add EXIT STATUS section to rss-email.1
      chore: Add generated man pages to gitignore
      doc: Add Alpine Linux installation instructions
      ci: Add OpenBSD build manifest
      chore: add sqlite files to gitignore
      feat: Only log SQL statements with level trace
      doc: fix spelling mistake on get_mailer
      fix: fallback to url if guid not available for rss
      feat: add option for STARTTLS
      refactor: change application architecture
      fix: Set rustls log level to "Warn"
      chore: add myself to the mailmap
      chore: bump version to v0.5.0