Software Engineer. Mainly working with Rust. Interested in a lot of things but don't talk to me about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and AI.


A parser for the todo.txt file format


Send new RSS/Atom posts as email


Source code for my website


Personal fork of qmk_firmware


my dotfiles organized with gnu stow


Help maintaining the AUR by listing unmaintained packages


Test BLE data throughput with an ESP32-C3


Test BLE data throughput (client)


Library for BLE on the ESP32-C3


Sources to use the nRF52840 Dongle with HCI for my bachelor thesis.


Presentation for the colloquium


Source for my bachelor thesis


Personal fork of vomit-sync


Fork of dwm with some patches and my config


Final project for the advanced programming lecture (Implementation of Huffman compression)

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