add emacs shell command blog
exported with ox-hugo
separate links on home page between contact and site pages
VP of Emacs: The Job
publish VP of Emacs: Meeting Notes
add YouTube link for VP of Emacs: Meeting Notes
fix hugo RSSLink, add meeting notes blog
update date on vp of emacs publish date
change youtube embed to link, sr.ht blocks it
Publish VP of Emacs: Pt 1
Add email to the home page
VP of Emacs: pt1 - add youtube link to support vid
DRAFT of VP of Emacs: plain-text wiki
add RSS link to header
edit, rm email hint
change about page to "William Vaughn"

want it to show up cleanly in rss feed
update theme commit, full content rss
moving to sourcehut article
publish to willvaughn.org in .build.yml
add sourcehut link on about page