qutemacs: add normal mode yank with M-w
qutemacs: add C-x t g to run tab-give
qutemacs: add C-x C-v to edit url of tab
qutemacs yank org link to clipboard
qutebrowser config rm unnecessary lint hack global vars
qutemacs rm prompt y,n
quickmark abd bookmark delete, and open bookmark-list in tab
rm covered defaults in qutemacs comments
change window commands in qutemacs to prompt for text/selection
add base devtools command in qutemacs
add download configs for qutemacs
add navigate commands in qutemacs
add qutemacs tab commands
add basic session and help commands
add beginning and end of buffer to caret mode
add macros to qutemacs
add more qutemacs default commands
rm qutebrowser autoconfig.yml from vc
Using qutebrowser as a main browser, adapt emacs keys
use emacsclient as psql editor