change org copy link from ~C-c l c~ to ~C-c l y~
add nygard rss feed, change default elfeed to include read items
rss feeds adjustment
wv-org: change "o3" to be "oo" for creating one-on-one
update straight packages and source of org mode
add org weekly review capture
add modus theme (assuming included in emacs > 28)
rm gpg encryption for local.el vars, just gitignored
remove lsp-ivy I don't use ivy I use vertico
add basic python lsp-mode and pyvenv
update straight package versions
freeze straight versions
add markdown mode configuration
add yaml mode, fix sql-connection-alist for sql-mode
add yasnippet, activated for org-mode
switch to paredit, off parinfer
add custom org-mode code for link copying
add org-refile-targets and other refile configurations
remove elfeed switch and delete customizations
add wv-rss, elfeed and youtube-dl