rm unused wv/get-authinfo function
switch to ef-night theme by default
add a function for starting a django shell
separate web-mode and css-mode configs into wv-web
add web-mode, freeze straight versions
remove github copilot package
change keybindings for zap-to-char and zap-up-to-char
add ox-rst for exporting org out to sphinx docs
tree sitter for clojure, move python configurations
wv-python eglot default configuration change
add python tree sitter and eglot workspace config function
rm my email crazy regex message-indent-citation-function
change elfeed default search filter
add sapka blog to rss
update emacs package versions
check custom file exists before loading at startup
add wv-appearance/mono-font variable
add binding C-x ! to delete other windows vertically
rm mike.puddingtime.org, not interested.