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transfer out of my dots repo
A  => .gitignore +51 -0
@@ 1,51 @@
# -*- mode: gitignore; -*-

# Org-mode

# flymake-mode

# eshell files

# elpa packages

# reftex files

# AUCTeX auto folder

# cask packages

# Flycheck

# server auth directory

# projectiles files

# directory configuration

# network security

# Project specific ignores

A  => config.el +101 -0
@@ 1,101 @@
;;; $DOOMDIR/config.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

;; Place your private configuration here! Remember, you do not need to run 'doom
;; sync' after modifying this file!
(add-to-list 'initial-frame-alist '(fullscreen . maximized))

(require 'auth-source)

(defun willvaughn--get-authinfo (host port)
  (let ((found (car (auth-source-search :host host :port port))))
    (when found
      (plist-put found :secret (let ((secret (plist-get found :secret)))
                                 (if (functionp secret)
                                     (funcall secret)

;; Some functionality uses this to identify you, e.g. GPG configuration, email
;; clients, file templates and snippets.
(setq user-full-name "William Vaughn"
      user-mail-address "vaughnwilld@gmail.com")

;; Doom exposes five (optional) variables for controlling fonts in Doom. Here
;; are the three important ones:
;; + `doom-font'
;; + `doom-variable-pitch-font'
;; + `doom-big-font' -- used for `doom-big-font-mode'; use this for
;;   presentations or streaming.
;; They all accept either a font-spec, font string ("Input Mono-12"), or xlfd
;; font string. You generally only need these two:
(setq doom-font (font-spec :family "IBM Plex Mono" :size 13 :weight 'normal)
      doom-variable-pitch-font (font-spec :family "IBM Plex Sans" :size 13))

;; This determines the style of line numbers in effect. If set to `nil', line
;; numbers are disabled. For relative line numbers, set this to `relative'.
(setq display-line-numbers-type nil)

;; Here are some additional functions/macros that could help you configure Doom:
;; - `load!' for loading external *.el files relative to this one
;; - `use-package!' for configuring packages
;; - `after!' for running code after a package has loaded
;; - `add-load-path!' for adding directories to the `load-path', relative to
;;   this file. Emacs searches the `load-path' when you load packages with
;;   `require' or `use-package'.
;; - `map!' for binding new keys
;; To get information about any of these functions/macros, move the cursor over
;; the highlighted symbol at press 'K' (non-evil users must press 'C-c c k').
;; This will open documentation for it, including demos of how they are used.
;; You can also try 'gd' (or 'C-c c d') to jump to their definition and see how
;; they are implemented.

;; https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs/issues/3339
(setq file-name-handler-alist (cons epa-file-handler nil))
(load-library (expand-file-name "local.el.gpg" doom-private-dir))
(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "lisp" doom-private-dir))
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path (expand-file-name "themes" doom-private-dir))

(setq projectile-project-search-path '("~/repos"))
(setq-default enable-local-variables :all)
(setq tramp-default-method "ssh")

;; Dired configurations
(setq delete-by-moving-to-trash t)

;; There are two ways to load a theme. Both assume the theme is installed and
;; available. You can either set `doom-theme' or manually load a theme with the
;; `load-theme' function. This is the default:
(setq doom-theme willvaughn--doom-theme)

(require 'willvaughn-email)
(require 'willvaughn-org)
(require 'willvaughn-irc)
(require 'willvaughn-media)
(require 'willvaughn-rss)

(after! lispyville
  (lispyville-set-key-theme '((operators normal)
                               (prettify insert)
                               (atom-movement t)

(use-package flycheck-languagetool
  :hook ((text-mode org-mode) . (lambda ()
                                  (setq flycheck-checkers '(languagetool))
                                  (flycheck-mode t)))
  (setq flycheck-languagetool-url "http://localhost:8081"
        flycheck-languagetool-check-params '(("level" . "picky"))))

(map! :leader
      (:prefix-map ("o" . "open")
       :desc "Start IRC" "i" #'willvaughn--start-irc))

A  => init.el +183 -0
@@ 1,183 @@
;;; init.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

;; This file controls what Doom modules are enabled and what order they load
;; in. Remember to run 'doom sync' after modifying it!

;; NOTE Press 'SPC h d h' (or 'C-h d h' for non-vim users) to access Doom's
;;      documentation. There you'll find a "Module Index" link where you'll find
;;      a comprehensive list of Doom's modules and what flags they support.

;; NOTE Move your cursor over a module's name (or its flags) and press 'K' (or
;;      'C-c c k' for non-vim users) to view its documentation. This works on
;;      flags as well (those symbols that start with a plus).
;;      Alternatively, press 'gd' (or 'C-c c d') on a module to browse its
;;      directory (for easy access to its source code).

(doom! :input
       ;;layout            ; auie,ctsrnm is the superior home row

       company           ; the ultimate code completion backend
       ;;helm              ; the *other* search engine for love and life
       ;;ido               ; the other *other* search engine...
       ivy               ; a search engine for love and life

       ;;deft              ; notational velocity for Emacs
       doom              ; what makes DOOM look the way it does
       doom-dashboard    ; a nifty splash screen for Emacs
       doom-quit         ; DOOM quit-message prompts when you quit Emacs
       ;;fill-column       ; a `fill-column' indicator
       hl-todo           ; highlight TODO/FIXME/NOTE/DEPRECATED/HACK/REVIEW
       ;;indent-guides     ; highlighted indent columns
       ;;ligatures         ; ligatures and symbols to make your code pretty again
       ;;minimap           ; show a map of the code on the side
       modeline          ; snazzy, Atom-inspired modeline, plus API
       ;;nav-flash         ; blink cursor line after big motions
       ;;neotree           ; a project drawer, like NERDTree for vim
       ophints           ; highlight the region an operation acts on
       (popup +defaults)   ; tame sudden yet inevitable temporary windows
       ;;tabs              ; a tab bar for Emacs
       ;;treemacs          ; a project drawer, like neotree but cooler
       ;;unicode           ; extended unicode support for various languages
       vc-gutter         ; vcs diff in the fringe
       vi-tilde-fringe   ; fringe tildes to mark beyond EOB
       ;;window-select     ; visually switch windows
       workspaces        ; tab emulation, persistence & separate workspaces
       ;;zen               ; distraction-free coding or writing

       (evil +everywhere); come to the dark side, we have cookies
       file-templates    ; auto-snippets for empty files
       fold              ; (nigh) universal code folding
       (format +onsave)  ; automated prettiness
       ;;god               ; run Emacs commands without modifier keys
       lispy             ; vim for lisp, for people who don't like vim
       ;;multiple-cursors  ; editing in many places at once
       ;;objed             ; text object editing for the innocent
       ;;parinfer          ; turn lisp into python, sort of
       ;;rotate-text       ; cycle region at point between text candidates
       snippets          ; my elves. They type so I don't have to
       ;;word-wrap         ; soft wrapping with language-aware indent

       dired             ; making dired pretty [functional]
       electric          ; smarter, keyword-based electric-indent
       ;;ibuffer         ; interactive buffer management
       undo              ; persistent, smarter undo for your inevitable mistakes
       vc                ; version-control and Emacs, sitting in a tree

       ;;eshell            ; the elisp shell that works everywhere
       ;;shell             ; simple shell REPL for Emacs
       ;;term              ; basic terminal emulator for Emacs
       vterm             ; the best terminal emulation in Emacs

       syntax              ; tasing you for every semicolon you forget
       ;;spell             ; tasing you for misspelling mispelling
       ;;grammar           ; tasing grammar mistake every you make

       ;;debugger          ; FIXME stepping through code, to help you add bugs
       editorconfig      ; let someone else argue about tabs vs spaces
       ;;ein               ; tame Jupyter notebooks with emacs
       (eval +overlay)     ; run code, run (also, repls)
       ;;gist              ; interacting with github gists
       lookup              ; navigate your code and its documentation
       magit             ; a git porcelain for Emacs
       ;;make              ; run make tasks from Emacs
       ;;pass              ; password manager for nerds
       ;;pdf               ; pdf enhancements
       ;;prodigy           ; FIXME managing external services & code builders
       ;;rgb               ; creating color strings
       ;;taskrunner        ; taskrunner for all your projects
       ;;terraform         ; infrastructure as code
       ;;tmux              ; an API for interacting with tmux
       ;;upload            ; map local to remote projects via ssh/ftp

       (:if IS-MAC macos)  ; improve compatibility with macOS
       ;;tty               ; improve the terminal Emacs experience

       ;;agda              ; types of types of types of types...
       ;;cc                ; C/C++/Obj-C madness
       clojure           ; java with a lisp
       ;;common-lisp       ; if you've seen one lisp, you've seen them all
       ;;coq               ; proofs-as-programs
       ;;crystal           ; ruby at the speed of c
       ;;csharp            ; unity, .NET, and mono shenanigans
       ;;data              ; config/data formats
       ;;(dart +flutter)   ; paint ui and not much else
       ;;elixir            ; erlang done right
       ;;elm               ; care for a cup of TEA?
       emacs-lisp        ; drown in parentheses
       ;;erlang            ; an elegant language for a more civilized age
       ;;ess               ; emacs speaks statistics
       ;;faust             ; dsp, but you get to keep your soul
       ;;fsharp            ; ML stands for Microsoft's Language
       ;;fstar             ; (dependent) types and (monadic) effects and Z3
       ;;gdscript          ; the language you waited for
       ;;(go +lsp)         ; the hipster dialect
       ;;(haskell +dante)  ; a language that's lazier than I am
       ;;hy                ; readability of scheme w/ speed of python
       ;;idris             ;
       ;;json              ; At least it ain't XML
       ;;(java +meghanada) ; the poster child for carpal tunnel syndrome
       ;;javascript        ; all(hope(abandon(ye(who(enter(here))))))
       ;;julia             ; a better, faster MATLAB
       ;;kotlin            ; a better, slicker Java(Script)
       ;;latex             ; writing papers in Emacs has never been so fun
       ;;ledger            ; an accounting system in Emacs
       ;;lua               ; one-based indices? one-based indices
       markdown          ; writing docs for people to ignore
       ;;nim               ; python + lisp at the speed of c
       ;;nix               ; I hereby declare "nix geht mehr!"
       ;;ocaml             ; an objective camel
       (org +hugo +roam2)               ; organize your plain life in plain text
       ;;php               ; perl's insecure younger brother
       ;;plantuml          ; diagrams for confusing people more
       ;;purescript        ; javascript, but functional
       (python +lsp +pyenv)            ; beautiful is better than ugly
       ;;qt                ; the 'cutest' gui framework ever
       ;;racket            ; a DSL for DSLs
       ;;raku              ; the artist formerly known as perl6
       ;;rest              ; Emacs as a REST client
       ;;rst               ; ReST in peace
       ;;(ruby +rails)     ; 1.step {|i| p "Ruby is #{i.even? ? 'love' : 'life'}"}
       ;;rust              ; Fe2O3.unwrap().unwrap().unwrap().unwrap()
       ;;scala             ; java, but good
       ;;scheme            ; a fully conniving family of lisps
       sh                ; she sells {ba,z,fi}sh shells on the C xor
       ;;solidity          ; do you need a blockchain? No.
       ;;swift             ; who asked for emoji variables?
       ;;terra             ; Earth and Moon in alignment for performance.
       ;;web               ; the tubes
       yaml              ; JSON, but readable

       ;;(mu4e +gmail)
       (notmuch +org)
       ;;(wanderlust +gmail)

       ;;irc               ; how neckbeards socialize
       (rss +media)        ; emacs as an RSS reader
       ;;twitter           ; twitter client https://twitter.com/vnought

       (default +bindings +smartparens))

A  => lisp/willvaughn-email.el +135 -0
@@ 1,135 @@
;;; lisp/willvaughn-email.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

;; notmuch
(use-package! message
  (setq message-kill-buffer-on-exit t
        message-signature t
        message-cite-style message-cite-style-gmail
        message-citation-line-function 'message-insert-formatted-citation-line
        message-citation-line-format "On %a, %b %e, %Y at %I:%M %p %f wrote:\n"
        mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender t
        mail-specify-envelope-from t
        message-sendmail-envelope-from 'header
        mail-envelope-from 'header)
  (add-hook 'message-setup-hook 'mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime))

(use-package! messages-are-flowing
  :hook (message-mode . messages-are-flowing-use-and-mark-hard-newlines))

(use-package! notmuch
  (setq +notmuch-mail-folder "~/.mail/personal.gmail"
        +notmuch-sync-backend "cd ~/.mail/personal.gmail && gmi sync")
  (setq notmuch-saved-searches
        '((:name "vwd.in" :query "path:personal.gmail/** and tag:inbox" :key "v" :search-type tree)
          (:name "vwd.star" :query "path:personal.gmail/** and tag:flagged" :key "s" :search-type tree)
          (:name "vwd.unread" :query "path:personal.gmail/** and tag:unread and tag:inbox" :key "u" :search-type tree :sort-order oldest-first)))
  :hook (notmuch-message-mode . (lambda ()
                                  (flycheck-add-mode 'proselint 'notmuch-message-mode)
                                  (setq flycheck-checkers '(proselint))
                                  (flycheck-mode t))))

;; org-mime
;; For html email formatting in notmuch and message-mode
(defun willvaughn--notmuch-org-capture-follow-up ()
  "Store a link to the current message and capture it with org."
  (call-interactively 'org-store-link)
  (org-capture nil "mf"))

(defun willvaughn--notmuch-org-capture-read-later ()
  "Store a link to the current message and capture it with org."
  (call-interactively 'org-store-link)
  (org-capture nil "mr"))

(use-package! org-mime
  :after (org notmuch)
  (setq org-mime-library 'mml
        org-mime-export-options '(:section-numbers nil
                                  :with-author nil
                                  :with-sub-superscript {}
                                  :with-toc nil))
  (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'org-mime-confirm-when-no-multipart)
  (add-hook 'org-mime-html-hook
            (lambda ()
               "pre" (format "color: %s; background-color: %s; padding: 0.5em;"
                             "#E6E1DC" "#232323"))))
  (map! :localleader
        :map (notmuch-search-mode-map notmuch-tree-mode-map notmuch-show-mode-map)
        :desc "Follow Up" "f" #'willvaughn--notmuch-org-capture-follow-up
        :desc "Read Later" "r" #'willvaughn--notmuch-org-capture-read-later))

(defun willvaughn--insert-clean-newline (&optional prevent-line-breaks)
  "Creates a newline break at the end of lines."
  (move-end-of-line nil)
  (if prevent-line-breaks
      (insert hard-newline)
  (delete-char 1))

(defun willvaughn--get-end-content-line ()
  "Returns line number of where email content ends.

Either where the citation line or email signature begins."
  (if (save-excursion
        (search-forward-regexp "^On.+wrote:$" nil t))
      (search-forward-regexp "^--")

(defun willvaughn--insert-newlines-signature-aware-email (prevent-line-breaks)
  "Signature aware processing of newlines in email content."
  (interactive "P")
    ;; Moves to the beginning of the line after the content line
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (search-forward  "--text follows this line--\n")
    (move-beginning-of-line 2)

    ;; On every line in content area, insert clean new lines.
    (while (< (line-number-at-pos) (willvaughn--get-end-content-line))
      (willvaughn--insert-clean-newline prevent-line-breaks))

    ;; Go to the end of file and find where the signature begins
    ;; Then insert newlines on any signature lines to the end of the file
    (goto-char (point-max))
    (search-backward-regexp "^--")
    (while (not (eobp))
      (willvaughn--insert-clean-newline prevent-line-breaks))))

(defun willvaughn--htmlize-signature-aware-email ()
  "Signature aware export of email content as HTML."
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (let ((start-point (progn
                         (search-forward "<#secure method=pgpmime mode=sign>")
                         (move-beginning-of-line nil)
      (goto-char start-point)

(defun willvaughn--full-prep-signature-aware-email (prevent-line-breaks)
  "Do a signature aware prep of an email, inserting newlines and generating HTML content."
  (interactive "P")
  (willvaughn--insert-newlines-signature-aware-email prevent-line-breaks)

(use-package! message
  (map! :localleader
        :map (message-mode-map)
        :desc "Edit email in Org" "o" #'org-mime-edit-mail-in-org-mode
        :desc "Add newlines to content" "c" #'willvaughn--insert-newlines-signature-aware-email
        :desc "Signature aware htmlize" "h" #'willvaughn--htmlize-signature-aware-email
        :desc "Prep html email" "H" #'willvaughn--full-prep-signature-aware-email))

(provide 'willvaughn-email)

A  => lisp/willvaughn-irc.el +32 -0
@@ 1,32 @@
;;; lisp/willvaughn-irc.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
(use-package! circe
  (setq circe-network-options
           :tls t
           :nick "nackjicholson"
           :host "chat.sr.ht"
           :port 6697
           :sasl-username ,willvaughn--chat-sr-ht-sasl-user
           :sasl-password ,willvaughn--chat-sr-ht-token))
        circe-reduce-lurker-spam t))

(defun willvaughn--start-irc ()
  (circe "Libera"))

(use-package! circe-color-nicks

(use-package! emojify
  :hook (circe-mode . emojify-mode)
  :commands emojify-mode)

(use-package! 0x0
  (map! :localleader
        :map (dired-mode-map circe-mode-map)
        :desc "0x0 Upload File" "u" #'0x0-upload-file))

(provide 'willvaughn-irc)

A  => lisp/willvaughn-media.el +14 -0
@@ 1,14 @@
;;; lisp/willvaughn-media.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

(use-package! emms
  (setq emms-directory (expand-file-name "emms/" doom-etc-dir)
        emms-source-file-default-directory emms-directory)

(after! emms
  (setq youtube-dl-directory emms-directory))

(provide 'willvaughn-media)

A  => lisp/willvaughn-org.el +92 -0
@@ 1,92 @@
;;; lisp/willvaughn-org.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

;; If you use `org' and don't want your org files in the default location below,
;; change `org-directory'. It must be set before org loads!
(setq org-directory willvaughn--org-directory
      +org-capture-notes-file "roam/index.org")

(use-package! org
  (add-to-list 'org-modules 'org-tempo)
  (setq org-confirm-babel-evaluate t
        org-log-into-drawer t
        org-log-done 'time
        org-agenda-files (list org-default-notes-file
                               (expand-file-name willvaughn--gcal-file org-directory))
        org-refile-allow-creating-parent-nodes 'confirm
        org-tag-alist '((:startgroup . nil)
                        ("@home" . ?h)
                        ("@office" . ?o)
                        (:endgroup . nil)
                        ("@meegan" . ?m)
                        ("@bogey" . ?b)
                        ("@grady" . ?g))
        org-todo-keywords '((sequence
                             "[ ](T)"
                             "[-](S)"   ; Task is in progress
                             "[?](W)"   ; Task is being held up or paused "|"
                             "[X](D)")) ; Task is completed
        ;; NOTE: I override a lot of default org-capture-templates that doom gives you out of the box.
        org-capture-templates '(("t" "GTD Todo" entry
                                 (file+headline +org-capture-notes-file "Inbox")
                                 (file "capture_templates/todo.org")
                                 :prepend t)
                                ("n" "Meeting note" entry
                                 (file buffer-name)
                                 (file "capture_templates/meeting.org"))
                                ("r" "GTD Reminder (tickler)" entry
                                 (file+headline +org-capture-notes-file "Tickler")
                                 (file "capture_templates/reminder.org")
                                 :prepend t)
                                ("m" "Email Workflow")
                                ("mf" "Follow Up" entry
                                 (file+olp +org-capture-notes-file "Follow Up")
                                 "* TODO Follow up on %:subject by %:from\nSCHEDULED:%t\n%a\n\n%i"
                                 :immediate-finish t)
                                ("mr" "Read Later" entry
                                 (file+olp +org-capture-notes-file "Read Later")
                                 "* TODO Read %:subject by %:from\nSCHEDULED:%t\n%a\n\n%i"
                                 :immediate-finish t)
                                ("o" "One-on-One")
                                ("o3" "o3" entry
                                 (file+olp+datetree buffer-name)
                                 (file "capture_templates/o3.org"))
                                ("op" "Peer o3" entry
                                 (file+olp+datetree buffer-name)
                                 (file "capture_templates/o3-peer.org"))
                                ("os" "Skip-level o3" entry
                                 (file+olp+datetree buffer-name)
                                 (file "capture_templates/o3-skip-level.org")))))

(use-package! org-roam
   '(("d" "default" plain "%?"
      :target (file+head "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}.org" "#+title: ${title}\n#+date: %U\n")
      :unnarrowed t)
     ("p" "Person" plain
      (file "capture_templates/person.org")
      :target (file+head "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}.org" "#+title: ${title}\n#+date: %U\n")
      :unnarrowed t))))

(use-package! org-gcal
  :defer t
  (map! :localleader
        :map (org-mode-map org-agenda-mode-map)
        :desc "Fetch gcal" "M-f" 'org-gcal-fetch)
  (let ((org-gcal-creds (willvaughn--get-authinfo "org.gcal.creds" "9999")))
    (setq org-gcal-client-id (plist-get org-gcal-creds :user)
          org-gcal-client-secret (plist-get org-gcal-creds :secret)
          org-gcal-file-alist `((,willvaughn--work-email . ,(expand-file-name willvaughn--gcal-file org-directory))))))

(provide 'willvaughn-org)

A  => lisp/willvaughn-rss.el +100 -0
@@ 1,100 @@
;;; lisp/willvaughn-rss.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

(defvar willvaughn--rss-youtube-feed-format
  '(("^UC" . "https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=%s")
    ("^PL" . "https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=%s")
    (""    . "https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?user=%s")))

(defun willvaughn--rss-show-youtube-dl ()
  "Download the current entry with youtube-dl."
  (if (youtube-dl (elfeed-entry-link elfeed-show-entry))
      (message "Downloading %s" (elfeed-entry-title elfeed-show-entry))
    (message "Entry is not a YouTube link!"))
  (funcall elfeed-show-entry-delete)

(defun willvaughn--rss-search-youtube-dl ()
  "Download the current entry with youtube-dl."
  (let ((entries (elfeed-search-selected)))
    (dolist (entry entries)
      (if (null (youtube-dl (elfeed-entry-link entry)
                            :title (elfeed-entry-title entry)))
          (message "Entry is not a YouTube link!")
        (message "Downloading %s" (elfeed-entry-title entry)))
      (elfeed-untag entry 'unread)
      (elfeed-search-update-entry entry)
      (unless (use-region-p) (forward-line)))))

(defun willvaughn--rss-podcast-tagger (entry)
  (when (elfeed-entry-enclosures entry)
    (elfeed-tag entry 'podcast)))

(defun willvaughn--rss-elfeed-expand (listing)
  "Expand feed LISTING urls depending on their tags."
  (cl-destructuring-bind (url . tags) listing
     ((member 'youtube tags)
      (let* ((case-fold-search nil)
             (test (lambda (s r) (string-match-p r s)))
             (format (cl-assoc url willvaughn--rss-youtube-feed-format :test test)))
        (cons (format (cdr format) url) tags)))

(defun willvaughn--rss-set-elfeed! (&rest feeds)
  "Helper for setting multiple elfeed FEEDS."
  (setq elfeed-feeds (mapcar #'willvaughn--rss-elfeed-expand feeds)))

(use-package! elfeed
  (setq elfeed-enclosure-default-dir emms-directory)
  (setq elfeed-search-filter "@2-days-ago +unread -nyt -twoplustwo")

   '("https://news.ycombinator.com/rss" tech hackernews)
   '("https://clojure.org/feed.xml" tech clojure)
   ;; '("https://reddit.com/r/Clojure/hot/.rss" reddit tech clojure)
   ;; '("https://reddit.com/r/emacs/hot/.rss" reddit tech emacs)
   ;; '("https://reddit.com/r/formula1/hot/.rss" reddit f1)
   '("https://sachachua.com/blog/category/emacs/feed/" blog emacs)
   '("https://archlinux.org/feeds/news/" tech archlinux-news)
   ;; '("https://files.manager-tools.com/files/public/feeds/manager-tools-podcasts.xml" manager-tools)
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   '("https://podcasts.files.bbci.co.uk/p02nrsjn.rss" f1 5live)
   '("https://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/World.xml" news nyt)
   ;; '("https://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/Business.xml" news nyt)
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   '("https://blog.benoitj.ca/posts/index.xml" blog tech benoitj)
   '("https://irreal.org/blog/?feed=rss2" blog tech irreal)
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   '("https://shom.dev/index.xml" blog tech shom)
   ;; '("https://xkcd.com/rss.xml" comic xkcd tech)
   '("https://itsfoss.com/feed/" foss tech linux)
   ;; '("http://www.twoplustwo.com/two-plus-two-magazine-rss.xml" poker twoplustwo)
   '("UCfz8x0lVzJpb_dgWm9kPVrw" tech devopstoolkit youtube) ; DevOps Toolkit by Viktor Farcic
   ;; '("PLEoMzSkcN8oPQtn7FQEF3D7sroZbXuPZ7" tech systemcrafters youtube) ; SystemCrafters Learning Elisp Series
   ;; '("UCVls1GmFKf6WlTraIb_IaJg" tech distrotube youtube) ; DistroTube
   '("UCAiiOTio8Yu69c3XnR7nQBQ" tech systemcrafters youtube)) ; SystemCrafters
  :hook (elfeed-new-entry willvaughn--rss-podcast-tagger))

(use-package! youtube-dl
  :after elfeed
  (map! :when (featurep! :editor evil +everywhere)
        (:map elfeed-show-mode-map
              :n "y" #'willvaughn--rss-show-youtube-dl)
        (:map elfeed-search-mode-map
              :n "y" #'willvaughn--rss-search-youtube-dl
              :n "L" #'youtube-dl-list)))

(provide 'willvaughn-rss)

A  => local.sample.el +8 -0
@@ 1,8 @@
;;; local.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

(setq willvaughn--gcal-file "..."
      willvaughn--work-email "..."
      willvaughn--org-directory "..."
      willvaughn--doom-theme 'doom-one-light
      willvaughn--chat-sr-ht-sasl-user "..."
      willvaughn--chat-sr-ht-token "...")

A  => packages.el +62 -0
@@ 1,62 @@
;; -*- no-byte-compile: t; -*-
;;; $DOOMDIR/packages.el

;; To install a package with Doom you must declare them here and run 'doom sync'
;; on the command line, then restart Emacs for the changes to take effect -- or
;; use 'M-x doom/reload'.

;; To install SOME-PACKAGE from MELPA, ELPA or emacsmirror:
;(package! some-package)

;; To install a package directly from a remote git repo, you must specify a
;; `:recipe'. You'll find documentation on what `:recipe' accepts here:
;; https://github.com/raxod502/straight.el#the-recipe-format
;(package! another-package
;  :recipe (:host github :repo "username/repo"))

;; If the package you are trying to install does not contain a PACKAGENAME.el
;; file, or is located in a subdirectory of the repo, you'll need to specify
;; `:files' in the `:recipe':
;(package! this-package
;  :recipe (:host github :repo "username/repo"
;           :files ("some-file.el" "src/lisp/*.el")))

;; If you'd like to disable a package included with Doom, you can do so here
;; with the `:disable' property:
;(package! builtin-package :disable t)

;; You can override the recipe of a built in package without having to specify
;; all the properties for `:recipe'. These will inherit the rest of its recipe
;; from Doom or MELPA/ELPA/Emacsmirror:
;(package! builtin-package :recipe (:nonrecursive t))
;(package! builtin-package-2 :recipe (:repo "myfork/package"))

;; Specify a `:branch' to install a package from a particular branch or tag.
;; This is required for some packages whose default branch isn't 'master' (which
;; our package manager can't deal with; see raxod502/straight.el#279)
;(package! builtin-package :recipe (:branch "develop"))

;; Use `:pin' to specify a particular commit to install.
;(package! builtin-package :pin "1a2b3c4d5e")

;; Doom's packages are pinned to a specific commit and updated from release to
;; release. The `unpin!' macro allows you to unpin single packages...
;(unpin! pinned-package)
;; ...or multiple packages
;(unpin! pinned-package another-pinned-package)
;; ...Or *all* packages (NOT RECOMMENDED; will likely break things)
;(unpin! t)

(package! messages-are-flowing)
(package! org-gcal)
(package! emms)
(package! package-lint)
(package! circe)
(package! emojify)
(package! 0x0)
(package! modus-themes)
(package! elfeed-goodies :disable t)
(package! flycheck-languagetool)
(package! youtube-dl)

A  => themes/doom-ibm-theme.el +251 -0
@@ 1,251 @@
;;; doom-ibm-theme.el --- inspired by IBM design language -*- lexical-binding: t; no-byte-compile: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2021 William Vaughn
;;; Commentary:
;; Inspired by https://www.ibm.com/design/
;;; Code:

(require 'doom-themes)

;;; Variables

(defgroup doom-ibm-theme nil
  "Options for the `doom-ibm' theme."
  :group 'doom-themes)

(defcustom doom-ibm-brighter-modeline nil
  "If non-nil, more vivid colors will be used to style the mode-line."
  :group 'doom-ibm-theme
  :type 'boolean)

(defcustom doom-ibm-brighter-comments nil
  "If non-nil, comments will be highlighted in more vivid colors."
  :group 'doom-ibm-theme
  :type 'boolean)

(defcustom doom-ibm-padded-modeline doom-themes-padded-modeline
  "If non-nil, adds a 4px padding to the mode-line.
Can be an integer to determine the exact padding."
  :group 'doom-ibm-theme
  :type '(choice integer boolean))

;;; Theme definition

(def-doom-theme doom-ibm
  "A dark theme inspired by IBM Design."

  ;; name        default   256           16
  ;; Cool Gray 100
  (;; Black
   (black      '("#000000" "black"    "black"       ))

   ;; IBM 100
   (coolgray100 '("#121619" "#1e1e1e" "brightblack" ))

   ;; IBM 90
   (coolgray90 '("#21272a" "#2e2e2e" "brightblack"  ))
   (gray90     '("#262626" "#1c1c1c" "black"        )) ; 256: Grey11

   ;; IBM 80
   (blue80     '("#002d9c" "#005faf" "navy"         )) ; 256: DeepSkyBlue4
   (teal80     '("#004144" "#008080" "teal"         )) ; 256: Teal
   (cyan80     '("#003a6d" "#00af87" "cyan"         )) ; 256: DarkCyan
   (magenta80  '("#740937" "#870087" "maroon"       )) ; 256: DarkMagenta
   (coolgray80 '("#343a3f" "#3a3a3a" "brightblack"  )) ; 256: Grey23
   (warmgray80 '("#3c3838" "#3a3a3a" "brightblack"  )) ; 256: Grey23

   ;; IBM 70
   (green70    '("#0e6027" "#00af5f" "green"        )) ; 256: SpringGreen3
   (teal70     '("#005d5d" "#00d7d7" "teal"         )) ; 256: DarkTurquoise
   (cyan70     '("#00539a" "#00d7af" "cyan"         )) ; 256: Cyan3
   (blue70     '("#0043ce" "#005fd7" "blue"         )) ; 256: DodgerBlue3
   (purple70   '("#6929c4" "#875faf" "purple"       )) ; 256: MediumPurple3
   (magenta70  '("#9f1853" "#af00af" "fuchsia"      )) ; 256: Magenta3
   (gray70     '("#525252" "#585858" "gray"         )) ; 256: Grey35
   (coolgray70 '("#4d5358" "#444444" "brightblack"  )) ; 256: Grey27
   (warmgray70 '("#565151" "#585858" "brightblack"  )) ; 256: Grey35

   ;; IBM 60
   (green60    '("#198038" "#00d787" "green"        )) ; 256: SpringGreen2
   (teal60     '("#007d79" "#5fd7d7" "teal"         )) ; 256: MediumTurquoise
   (cyan60     '("#0072c3" "#00ffd7" "cyan"         )) ; 256: Cyan2
   (blue60     '("#0f62fe" "#005fff" "blue"         )) ; 256: DodgerBlue2
   (purple60   '("#8a3ffc" "#af5fff" "purple"       )) ; 256: MediumPurple2
   (magenta60  '("#d02670" "#d700ff" "fuchsia"      )) ; 256: Magenta2
   (gray60     '("#6f6f6f" "#6c6c6c" "gray"         )) ; 256: Grey42
   (coolgray60 '("#697077" "#525252" "brightblack"  ))

   ;; IBM 50
   (green50    '("#24a148" "#00ff87" "green"        )) ; 256: SpringGreen1
   (teal50     '("#009d9a" "#00d7ff" "teal"         )) ; 256: Turquoise2
   (cyan50     '("#1192e8" "#00ffff" "cyan"         ))
   (blue50     '("#4589ff" "#0087ff" "blue"         )) ; 256: DodgerBlue1
   (magenta50  '("#ee5396" "#ff00ff" "fuchshia"))      ; 256: Magenta1
   (purple50   '("#a56eff" "#af87ff" "purple"       )) ; 256: MediumPurple2
   (coolgray50 '("#878d96" "#8a8a8a" "gray"         )) ; 256: Grey54
   (gray50     '("#8d8d8d" "#808080" "gray"         )) ; 256: Grey50

   ;; IBM 40
   (green40    '("#42be65" "#00ff87" "green"        )) ; 256: SpringGreen1
   (teal40     '("#08bdba" "#5fd7ff" "teal"         )) ; 256: SteelBlue1
   (cyan40     '("#33b1ff" "#00d7af" "cyan"         )) ; Cyan3
   (blue40     '("#78a9ff" "#0087ff" "blue"         )) ; 256: DodgerBlue1
   (coolgray40 '("#a2a9b0" "#979797" "gray"         ))

   ;; IBM 30
   (coolgray30 '("#c1c7cd" "#dfdfdf" "white"        ))

   (bg coolgray100)
   (fg coolgray50)

   ;; These are off-color variants of bg/fg, used primarily for `solaire-mode',
   ;; but can also be useful as a basis for subtle highlights (e.g. for hl-line
   ;; or region), especially when paired with the `doom-darken', `doom-lighten',
   ;; and `doom-blend' helper functions.
   (bg-alt gray90)
   (fg-alt gray50)

   ;; These should represent a spectrum from bg to fg, where base0 is a starker
   ;; bg and base8 is a starker fg. For example, if bg is light grey and fg is
   ;; dark grey, base0 should be white and base8 should be black.
   ;; Black
   (base0 black)
   (base1 coolgray100)
   (base2 coolgray90)
   (base3 coolgray80)
   (base4 coolgray70)
   (base5 coolgray60)
   (base6 coolgray50)
   (base7 coolgray40)
   (base8 coolgray30)

   (red        purple60)
   (grey       coolgray60)
   (orange     purple60)
   (green      green60)
   (teal       teal60)
   (yellow     magenta60)
   (blue       blue60)
   (dark-blue  blue80)
   (magenta    magenta60)
   (violet     purple60)
   (cyan       cyan60)
   (dark-cyan  cyan80)

   ;; These are the "universal syntax classes" that doom-themes establishes.
   ;; These *must* be included in every doom themes, or your theme will throw an
   ;; error, as they are used in the base theme defined in doom-themes-base.
   (highlight      cyan50)
   (vertical-bar   (doom-darken base1 0.1))
   (selection      dark-blue)
   (builtin        purple60)
   (comments       (if doom-ibm-brighter-comments cyan60 base5))
   (doc-comments   (doom-lighten (if doom-ibm-brighter-comments cyan40 base7) 0.25))
   (constants      teal40)
   (functions      (doom-darken blue50 0.3))
   (keywords       base4)
   (methods        teal60)
   (operators      fg)
   (type           cyan60)
   (strings        green40)
   (variables      blue50)
   (numbers        coolgray60)
   (region         `(,(doom-lighten (car bg-alt) 0.15) ,@(doom-lighten (cdr base1) 0.35)))
   (error          purple50)
   (warning        magenta60)
   (success        green60)
   (vc-modified    orange)
   (vc-added       green60)
   (vc-deleted     violet)

   ;; These are extra color variables used only in this theme; i.e. they aren't
   ;; mandatory for derived themes.
   (modeline-fg              fg)
   (modeline-fg-alt          base5)
   (modeline-bg              (if doom-ibm-brighter-modeline
                                 (doom-darken blue 0.45)
                               (doom-darken bg-alt 0.1)))
   (modeline-bg-alt          (if doom-ibm-brighter-modeline
                                 (doom-darken blue 0.475)
                               `(,(doom-darken (car bg-alt) 0.15) ,@(cdr bg))))
   (modeline-bg-inactive     `(,(car bg-alt) ,@(cdr base1)))
   (modeline-bg-inactive-alt `(,(doom-darken (car bg-alt) 0.1) ,@(cdr bg)))

    (when doom-ibm-padded-modeline
      (if (integerp doom-ibm-padded-modeline) doom-ibm-padded-modeline 4))))

  ;;;; Base theme face overrides
  (((line-number &override) :foreground base4)
   ((line-number-current-line &override) :foreground fg)
   ((font-lock-comment-face &override)
    :background (if doom-ibm-brighter-comments (doom-lighten bg 0.05)))
   ((font-lock-keyword-face &override)
    :weight 'bold)
    :background modeline-bg :foreground modeline-fg
    :box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg)))
    :background modeline-bg-inactive :foreground modeline-fg-alt
    :box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg-inactive)))
   (mode-line-emphasis :foreground (if doom-ibm-brighter-modeline base8 highlight))

;;;; outline-mode
   (outline-1 :foreground coolgray30 :weight 'bold)
   (outline-2 :foreground coolgray50 :weight 'bold)
   (outline-3 :foreground coolgray60 :weight 'bold)
   (outline-4 :foreground magenta60 :weight 'bold)
   (outline-5 :foreground teal60 :weight 'bold)
   (outline-6 :foreground cyan70 :weight 'bold)
;;;; org-mode
   (org-block :background base2)
   (org-quote :background base2 :slant 'italic)
   (org-todo :foreground magenta50)
   (org-done :foreground teal50)
;;;; css-mode <built-in> / scss-mode
   (css-proprietary-property :foreground orange)
   (css-property             :foreground green)
   (css-selector             :foreground blue)
;;;; doom-modeline
   (doom-modeline-bar :background (if doom-ibm-brighter-modeline modeline-bg highlight))
   (doom-modeline-buffer-file :inherit 'mode-line-buffer-id :weight 'bold)
   (doom-modeline-buffer-path :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
   (doom-modeline-buffer-project-root :foreground green :weight 'bold)
;;;; elscreen
   (elscreen-tab-other-screen-face :background "#353a42" :foreground "#1e2022")
;;;; ivy
   (ivy-current-match :background dark-blue :distant-foreground base0 :weight 'normal)
   (ivy-minibuffer-match-face-3 :background base1 :foreground coolgray40)
   (ivy-minibuffer-match-face-4 :background base1 :foreground teal40)
;;;; LaTeX-mode
   (font-latex-math-face :foreground green)
;;;; markdown-mode
   (markdown-markup-face :foreground base5)
   (markdown-header-face :inherit 'bold :foreground red)
   ((markdown-code-face &override) :background base2)
;;;; notmuch
   (notmuch-tag-deleted :foreground red :strike-through t)
;;;; solaire-mode
    :inherit 'mode-line
    :background modeline-bg-alt
    :box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg-alt)))
    :inherit 'mode-line-inactive
    :background modeline-bg-inactive-alt
    :box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg-inactive-alt))))

  ;;;; Base theme variable overrides-

;;; doom-ibm-theme.el ends here