Implementation of RFC 8949 (Concise Binary Object Representation) for Racket
Implement an option to sort map keys on serialization
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Finish off docs


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This collection, cbor, implements RFC 8949 (Concise Binary Object Representation) serialization routines for Racket.

The API is similar to the builtin json module, and provides two main functions: cbor-read to read a CBOR value from a port, and cbor-write to write a CBOR value to a port.

As of 2021/04/15, a basic implementation of the deserializer and serializer is done. Further refinement of the API, testing, and bugfixing is needed. Have yet to do: documentation, better error handling, better API

As such, this package is not recommended for use yet. When I feel it is ready, I will publish a 1.0 version on the package server.