Update license and deps in info.rkt
Allow delete_time to be configurable, and document it
discord: If an invocation is deleted within 5 min, r16 also deletes its response
Allow expiring cache to be directly written to

Don't store the value computation lambda but require it to be passed to expiring-cache-get
Fix sort call in rkt search
Show creation date in rkt show
Add rkt search to Discord frontend to search for existing tricks
Fix trick comparison
Fix register/update/delete feedback again
Fix response for register/update/delete on Discord frontend being broken
Make all frontends store trick creation time as integer unix timestamp

Before, this was inconsistent between Discord (iso8601 string timestamp)
and http (unix time in string form).
A script is provided to migrate old files created by the Discord frontend before
this change.
34f472bd — Sorawee Porncharoenwase 1 year, 5 months ago
Fix a test

check-false should be separate expressions
Declare some missing deps
Tweaks to http frontend

* Move the module to frontends/http.rkt so the module string the config can be
* Rename the `use-reincludes` parameter to `hotload-templates`
* Write documentation
Prototype HTTP frontend

Generalize backend, improve HTTP frontend UI

Make the UI more mobile-friendly

Templated HTML responses, and changes to how the backend handles errors

Improve whitespace handling in result presentation

Update on top of rebase, make template arguments explicit, support dynamic template reloads

Styling improvements
Exclude presentation from compilation
Fix crash if debugserver option not present
Add support for debug server