Fix unfortunate typo
f7acce4a — Alwinfy 24 days ago
Implement attachment-fetching for Discord replies
00b4ba83 — Vincent Lee 25 days ago
Close some mutability holes. More probably remain.
76344934 — eutro 28 days ago
More attachment-data work

- Extract thread-loop to utils.rkt

- Bind attachment-count in sandbox

- Macro for off-thread functions, which now use sync/timeout on the channel-put-event rather than channel-put -ing directly

- Changes delete-caller to no longer attempt to reply to the caller message. This only worked previously because of a convenient race condition.

- Slightly refactors emote-image to deobfuscate what it does
64159398 — eutro 28 days ago
Add open-attachment
4cb45101 — Vincent Lee a month ago
Add currently running trick name to the environment
Fix parent-context
Move save loop to main.rkt
Downgrade discord log receiver to warning, racket-cord is stable enough now
Fix read-args and improve typing indicator
Reorganize discord imports, update readme
Move r16 log receiver out of Discord frontend
Overhaul documentation
Remove a bit of overenthusiastic `threading`
Use standard racket/cmdline to parse command line
Organize imports
Separate frontend and backend, improve internal error handling and add config
Fix channel and user trick-local-storage not saving properly
Expose attachment-data to sandbox, move db save error handling so that we can distinguish nothing to save vs error saving