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Use standard racket/cmdline to parse command line
1 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)

M main.rkt
M main.rkt => main.rkt +25 -23
@@ 3,6 3,7 @@

 (only-in racket/class new send)
 (only-in racket/cmdline parse-command-line)
 (only-in racket/contract -> contract or/c)
 (only-in racket/format ~a)
 (only-in racket/function const thunk)

@@ 30,30 31,31 @@
           [module readable?]))]
   [storage path-string?]))

(define help-string
  (~a #:separator "\n"
      "Options available:"
      "  -h"
      "  --help                  Show this message"
      "  -c [config]"
      "  --config [config]       Read the config from [config]"
      "  --                      Read the config from stdin"))

(define (get-config)
  (define json
    (match (current-command-line-arguments)
      [(vector "--") (read-json)]
      [(vector (or "-c" "--config") config-string)
       (call-with-input-string config-string read-json)]
      [(vector (or "-h" "--help")) (raise-user-error help-string)]
      [(vector path) (call-with-input-file* path read-json)]
      [(vector) (raise-user-error (~a "Please pass the config.\n" help-string))]
      [_ (raise-user-error (~a "Unrecognised options.\n" help-string))]))
  (contract r16-config? json
            'config 'config
            'config #f))
   ; flag definitions
      "R16: Interactive, Community-Driven Code Evaluation")
      [("-c" "--config")
       ,(lambda (_flag path)
          (if (equal? path "-")
              (call-with-input-file* path read-json)))
       ("Path to config file. If `-`, config is read as json from standard input." "path")]
      [("-s" "--config-string")
       ,(lambda (_flag config) (call-with-input-string config read-json))
       ("Provide config on the command line as a json string." "config_json")]))
   ; Receives flag values + positional arguments
   ; Result of this function is the result of the whole parse-command-line form.
   (lambda (flag-values)
     (contract r16-config? (car flag-values)
               'config 'config
               'config #f))
   ; positional argument names

(define (make-frontend config)
  (define frontend-config (hash-ref config 'frontend))