8599bf30efc3f4249545d6efee7e10c5a88336dd — Vincent Lee 1 year, 9 months ago ceea4cb
Fix register/update/delete feedback again
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M frontends/discord.rkt
M frontends/discord.rkt => frontends/discord.rkt +3 -3
@@ 474,7 474,7 @@
                  name (strip-backticks body)
                  (message-author-id (current-message))
                  (discord-timestamp-to-unix (hash-ref (current-message) 'timestamp))))
          (result-case values error-response result))
          (result-case list error-response result))

        (define/command/trick (show-trick name _body)
          " [_name_]:  show metadata and source for the trick [_name_]"

@@ 495,11 495,11 @@

        (define/command/trick (update-trick name body)
          " [_name_] [_code_]:  change the source of the trick [_name_]; requires ownership or administrator"
          (result-case values error-response (send (current-backend) update name (strip-backticks body))))
          (result-case list error-response (send (current-backend) update name (strip-backticks body))))

        (define/command/trick (delete-trick name _body)
          " [_name_]:  delete the trick [_name_]; requires ownership or administrator and cannot be undone!"
          (result-case values error-response (send (current-backend) delete name)))
          (result-case list error-response (send (current-backend) delete name)))

        (define/command (popular text)
          ":  show a leaderboard of popular tricks"