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More presentation
2 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

A presentation/codecount.png
M presentation/main.rkt
A presentation/codecount.png => presentation/codecount.png +0 -0
M presentation/main.rkt => presentation/main.rkt +18 -10
@@ 23,9 23,6 @@ future plans: 1m/if time
   (t "March 27, 2021")
   (t "Presented by: Vincent Lee (williewillus), Alwinfy, Benedek Szilvasy (Eutro)")))

(define (outline)

(define (who-we-are)
   #:title "Vincent Lee (williewillus)"

@@ 33,10 30,10 @@ future plans: 1m/if time
   (item "Favorite languages: Clojure and Rust"))
   #:title "Alwinfy"
   (item "TODO"))
   (item "TODO alwinfy"))
   #:title "Benedek Szilvasy (Eutro)"
   (item "TODO")))
   (item "TODO eutro")))

(define (about-the-project)

@@ 51,10 48,18 @@ future plans: 1m/if time
   #:title "Inspiration"
   (item "A very similar preexisting bot called K9, written by tterrag")
   (item "Written in Java, trick language is Clojure")
   (item "TODO")))
   (item "Explored Racket as an alternative due to strong built-in sandboxing model"))
   #:title "Stats"
   (item "Lines of Code (March 13)")
   (bitmap "codecount.png")))

(define (tech-racket-cord)
   #:title "Tech: Racket-Cord"
   (item "The underlying Discord library used by R16")
   (item "Not updated since 2017, many parts have rotted")
   (item "TODO willie")))

(define (tech-evaluator)

@@ 63,10 68,14 @@ future plans: 1m/if time
   #:title "Challenges and Limitations"
   (item "One OS thread: easy to lock up the bot with heavy compute, even with time limits")
   (item "Sandbox works" (it "too") "well")))
   (item "Sandbox works" (it "too") "well TODO eutro")
   (item "Dedicate time to fixing racket-cord")
   (item "TODO willie")))

(define (demos)
   #:title "Demos"
   (item "TODO alwinfy")))

(define (future-plans)

@@ 81,7 90,6 @@ future plans: 1m/if time

(define (main)