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Implement persistent trick storages
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M main.rkt
M main.rkt => main.rkt +5 -4
@@ 284,7 284,7 @@
  (let ([datum (and~> trick
                      (hash-ref (cdr (storage-info message type)) #f)
                      (with-input-from-bytes read)
                      (with-input-from-string read)
                      (with-handlers ([exn:fail:read? (const #f)]) _))])
    (and (not (eof-object? datum)) datum)))
(define/contract (write-storage trick message type data)

@@ 294,9 294,9 @@
   (match-let ([(cons limit key) (storage-info message type)])
      (let ([data (with-output-to-bytes (curry write data))])
      (let ([data (with-output-to-string (curry write data))])
         (<= (bytes-length data) limit)
         (<= (string-length data) limit)
           (hash-set! (trick-storage trick) key data)

@@ 373,6 373,7 @@
  (hasheq 'author (trick-author trick)
          'body (trick-body trick)
          'created (trick-created trick)
          'data (trick-storage trick)
          'invocations (trick-invocations trick)))

(define (json->trick json)

@@ 380,7 381,7 @@
   (hash-ref json 'author)
   (hash-ref json 'body)
   (hash-ref json 'created)
   (make-hash) ; We purposefully don't save the trick storage due to space limits
   (hash-ref json 'data make-hash)
   (hash-ref json 'invocations)))

(define command-table