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Fix recursive calls within recursive calls using the same namespace
1 files changed, 73 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

M evaluator.rkt
M evaluator.rkt => evaluator.rkt +73 -11
@@ 17,6 17,9 @@

(define recursive-sandbox-call? (make-parameter #f))

(define (unique-sym name)
  (string->uninterned-symbol (symbol->string name)))

;; in case it gets overridden, though sandbox-lib doesn't actually take this precaution
;; https://github.com/racket/racket/blob/6901f8d5511fd45516aa0a85ae070292e64226cc/pkgs/sandbox-lib/racket/sandbox.rkt#L705
(define ev

@@ 25,10 28,11 @@
      (parameterize ([current-eval eval-f])
        (eval expr)))))

(define (make-recursive-evaluator-namespace)
  (ev '(module recursive-trick racket))
  (dynamic-require ''recursive-trick #f)
  (module->namespace ''recursive-trick))
(define (make-module-namespace name)
  (define sym (unique-sym name))
  (ev `(module ,sym racket))
  (dynamic-require `',sym #f)
  (module->namespace `',sym))

(define (init-evaluator)
  (parameterize ([sandbox-output 'string]

@@ 39,8 43,10 @@
    (make-evaluator 'racket)))

(define (code->exprs code)
  (define port (open-input-string code))
  (port-count-lines! port)
  (parameterize ([read-accept-lang #t] [read-accept-reader #t])
    (sequence->list (in-producer read-syntax eof 'trick (open-input-string code)))))
    (sequence->list (in-producer read-syntax eof 'trick port))))

(struct run-result (stdout stderr results) #:transparent)

@@ 90,14 96,18 @@

         (syntax-case* (car exprs) (module) literal-identifier=?
           [(module modname lang body ...)
            (identifier? #'modname)
            (let ()
              (define varnames (map car (car definitions)))
              (define (eval-quote form) (cons '#%datum form))
              (define varvals (map (compose eval-quote cdr) (car definitions)))
              (define modules (cdr definitions))
              (define sandbox-language (unique-sym 'sandbox-language))
              (define modname-sym (unique-sym (syntax-e #'modname)))
              (define module-name (datum->syntax #'modname modname-sym))
              ;; define a module that provides all of the sandbox definitions
              ;; in addition to those of the requested lang
              (ev #`(module sandbox-language racket/base
              (ev #`(module #,sandbox-language racket/base
                      ;; require and provide any defined modules
                      (provide (all-from-out #,@modules))
                      (require #,@modules)

@@ 112,14 122,14 @@

              ;; then evaluate the module with the new language
              (define trick-module
                #'(module modname 'sandbox-language
                #`(module #,module-name '#,sandbox-language
                    body ...))
              (ev (replace-context trick-module trick-module))

              ;; to actually pass any values out, `r16-main' can be provided,
              ;; otherwise the module is just instantiated for side-effects

              (define qmodname (syntax->datum #''modname))
              (define qmodname (list 'quote modname-sym))

              (define main

@@ 150,7 160,7 @@
          (define results
            (parameterize ([current-output-port stdout-port]
                           [current-error-port stderr-port]
                           [current-namespace (make-recursive-evaluator-namespace)])
                           [current-namespace (make-module-namespace 'recursive-trick)])
              (call-with-values run-evaluation list)))
          (values (get-output-string stdout-port)

@@ 257,7 267,11 @@
      (check-equal? (~> rr run-result-results car) xv)))

  (define ((run-fn defs) expr)
    (apply values (run-result-results (run expr defs any?))))
    (define rr (run expr defs any?))
    (display (run-result-stdout rr))
    (cond [(run-result-stderr rr)
           => (lambda (stderr) (display stderr (current-error-port)))])
    (apply values (run-result-results rr)))

  (test-case "Recursive Call Test"

@@ 315,7 329,55 @@
                            (namespace-undefine-variable! sym)))
                     empty-defs any?)))))
     (run-result "" #f '(x-value))))
     (run-result "" #f '(x-value)))

     (let ()
       (define noop (~s `(void)))
       (define noop-defs `(((args . "no-args"))))
       (define foo (~s `(module foo racket
                          (displayln args)
                          (run ,noop)
                          (displayln args))))
       (define foo-defs `(((run . ,(run-fn noop-defs))
                           (args . "args"))))
       (define app (~s `(run ,foo)))
       (define app-defs `(((run . ,(run-fn foo-defs)))))
       (run app app-defs any?))
     (run-result "args\nargs\n" #f '()))

     (let ()
       (define noop (~s `(void)))
       (define noop-defs `(((args . "no-args"))))
       (define foo (~s `(displayln args)
                       `(run ,noop)
                       `(displayln args)))
       (define foo-defs `(((run . ,(run-fn noop-defs))
                           (args . "args"))))
       (define app (~s `(run ,foo)))
       (define app-defs `(((run . ,(run-fn foo-defs)))))
       (run app app-defs any?))
     (run-result "args\nargs\n" #f '()))

     (let ()
       (define selfrec-module
         (~s `(module selfrec racket
                (define x value)
                (displayln x)
                (displayln x))))
       (define selfrec-defs
         (for/fold ([defs `(((recur . ,void)
                             (value . top)))])
                   ([i (in-range 5)])
           `(((recur . ,(thunk ((run-fn defs) selfrec-module)))
              (value . ,i)))))
       (run selfrec-module selfrec-defs any?))
     (run-result (~a 4 3 2 1 0 'top
                     'top 0 1 2 3 4 ""
                     #:separator "\n") #f '())))

  (test-case "Exn Test"