0d20b126a7a71332823429e773ec603e1bda4203 — Vincent Lee a month ago c371b46
Simplify emote-lookup-cache, account for changes in racket-cord
1 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

M main.rkt
M main.rkt => main.rkt +23 -20
@@ 88,7 88,7 @@
    (let loop ([data #hash()])
      (match-let ([(list val client channel) (thread-receive)])
        (let* ([key (cons (rc:user-id (rc:client-user client)) channel)]
        (let* ([key (cons (hash-ref (rc:client-user client) 'id) channel)]
               [newval (+ val (hash-ref data key 0))])
          (unless (zero? newval)
            (with-handlers ([exn:fail? (const #f)]) (http:trigger-typing-indicator client channel)))

@@ 326,11 326,11 @@
           (hash-set! (trick-storage trick) key data)

; client -> (emote name -> emote id)
; emote name -> emote id
(define emote-lookup-cache (make-hash))

; client -> set of emote ids known by the bot
(define emote-whitelist-cache (make-hash))
; set of emote ids known by the bot
(define known-emotes (mutable-set))

; emote id -> bytes
(define emote-image-cache (make-hash))

@@ 347,21 347,17 @@
(define/contract ((emote-image client) id)
  (-> rc:client? (-> string? (or/c bytes? #f)))

(define/contract (emote-image id)
  (-> string? (or/c bytes? #f))
   emote-image-cache id
     ; Is this an emote that this bot has encountered?
     ; If not, don't bother requesting it and just return #f
     (set-member? (hash-ref! emote-whitelist-cache client
                             ; COFU a set of all emotes in the lookup table
                             (thunk (~> emote-lookup-cache
                                        (hash-ref client)
     (set-member? known-emotes id)
     (let ([ch (make-channel)])
       (thread-send emote-image-thread (cons id ch))
       (let ([data (channel-get ch)])

@@ 378,12 374,8 @@
                                    (let loop ([data (open-input-string args)])
                                      (let ([val (read data)])
                                        (if (eof-object? val) null (cons val (loop data))))))))
            (emote-lookup     . ,(curry hash-ref
                                        (hash-ref! emote-lookup-cache client
                                                   (thunk (for*/hash ([(_ guild) (rc:client-guilds client)]
                                                                      [emoji     (rc:guild-emojis guild)])
                                                            (values (rc:emoji-name emoji) (rc:emoji-id emoji)))))))
            (emote-image      . ,(emote-image client))
            (emote-lookup     . ,(curry hash-ref emote-lookup-cache))
            (emote-image      . ,emote-image)
            (delete-caller    . ,(thunk (thread-send deleter-thread (cons client message))))
            (make-attachment  . ,make-attachment)
            (call-trick       . ,(call-subtrick client db context-id message placeholder))

@@ 471,6 463,16 @@
          (call-with-values (thunk (func client db message content))
                            (create-message-with-contents client channel message)))))))

(define (guild-create _ws-client _client guild)
  ; eagerly fill all the emote mappings for each guild, so we don't need to touch the
  ; network when tricks call emote-id
  (let ([known (mutable-set)])
    (for ([emote (in-list (hash-ref guild 'emojis null))])
      (hash-set! emote-lookup-cache (hash-ref emote 'name) (hash-ref emote 'id))
      (set-add! known (hash-ref emote 'id)))
    (set-union! known-emotes known)
    (log-r16-debug "Preloaded ~a emote ID's" (set-count known))))

(define (init-client folder token)
  (log-r16-info "Storing tricks in ~a" folder)
  (let* ([client (rc:make-client token

@@ 484,6 486,7 @@
        (db:commit-db! db trick->json)
    (rc:on-event 'raw-message-create client (message-received db))
    (rc:on-event 'raw-guild-create client guild-create)

(define (get-folder)