0ff63c1c — Vincent Lee 14 days ago 1.19.x
Revert "Create cs_cz.json (#698)" (#699)

This reverts commit d27753496d514225858bcabd0d862561cce72de8.
d2775349 — Polarni 14 days ago
Create cs_cz.json (#698)

* Create cs_cz.json

Czech localization

* Update cs_cz.json

A really small correction in the text.
Bump to 79.2 after releasing 79.1
Fix book recipe type being broken.

In the original commit message, I claimed outputBook was always null, but that was a lie,
I just can't read.

Restore calling getResultItem and add comments/safety checks about why what we're doing is safe.

Back out "Refine commit 8224fcf29781f7820c38b172645c3d14ead96b3d by dropping the method entirely"
Original commit changeset: f994182f635f
Disable doc push
Set 1.19.4 hotfix version
Revise readme for new release steps and signing
Bump to 80 after releasing 79
Add upload_releases script
Check explicitly for 1 in release mode
Single quotes
Add parts of signing infra
Use proper suppression in AccessorSmithingRecipe
Thread Level into template component processors
Replace deprecated method in fabric client init
Refine commit 8224fcf29781f7820c38b172645c3d14ead96b3d by dropping the method entirely

By inspection, outputBooks is always nonnull, so the line that queries the empty registryaccess is never hit.
Also run spotless from previous commits
Delete dead code in ItemStackUtil

While it was possible people used these, they were never exposed to the API. Those needing them can copy the old versions.
Manually thread Minecraft.level down into Book building

No functional change, but reduces the number of callsites where we riskily touch Minecraft.level
Remove BookRegistry.loaded/isLoaded

Unused within Patchouli