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Note: Any code not located in the package `vazkii.patchouli.api` is strictly implementation detail, and you should not rely on it as it will change without warning.

# Mixin Troubleshooting (Forge only)
## Mixin Troubleshooting (Forge only)
Patchouli uses Mixin to implement some of its features. On Forge, the game might crash when trying to launch in-dev, as ForgeGradle does not remap the refmap by itself. This can be worked around by specifying the refmap remapping manually: add [these lines](https://github.com/SpongePowered/Mixin/issues/462#issuecomment-791370319) to your build.gradle and regenerate your run configurations in the IDE afterwards.
MixinGradle applies this fix automatically - if you are using Mixin in your project you shouldn't have to change anything.

# License Information
## License Information

Patchouli's original code and assets are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported
license.  We recognize that this is not ideal, and are open to changing the licensing of

@@ 95,7 95,10 @@ If a loader needs to be temporarily disabled, simply comment it out in `settings
   saving and closing the editor).
4. Increment the build number in `gradle.properties` of the next release. Commit this
5. Push: `git push origin <branch> --tags`
6. Go to [Jenkins](https://ci.blamejared.com/job/Patchouli/view/tags/) and wait for the
   tag you just pushed to be compiled and built
7. Download the Forge and Fabric JARs and submit them to CurseForge
5. Push the branch and tag: `git push origin <branch> <tag>`
6. Wait a bit and the binaries should magically be published to GitHub, CurseForge, and Modrinth for you

## Signing
Releases starting from 1.19.4-79 are signed with the Violet Moon signing key, see [this
page](https://github.com/VazkiiMods/.github/blob/main/security/README.md) for information
about how to verify the artifacts.