Network profiler for Minecraft Java Edition
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A primitive network profiler for Fabric.


Rampant network consumption is probably the last matter of performance considered by modders, after tick lag, framerate lag, and memory pressure. Heavy network traffic can be an indicator of other sorts of lag, and is generally a waste of players' bandwidth, especially those on metered connections. I hope that this tool can assist you in debugging heavy network spammers on your server or world.


Packets are intercepted by using Mixin to hook into the processing machinery. A snooping Netty ChannelInboundHandler is installed to intercept and examine vanilla and modded packets, except for SUpdateTileEntityPacket, which is deferred until the packet is actually processed, because there we have access to what tile entity type the packet was intended for. Runtime overhead of the collection itself should be minimal.


Currently, the mod is a proof-of-concept. It can perform sampling of vanilla and modded packets and record class names. It only works on the physical client, and samples inbound packets.

#To Do

  • Better management interface
  • Prettier/more flexible reporting interface
  • Collect more stats (moving average, etc.)


  • Log in to the game
  • Press N

#"It's a hacky mess!"

I'm sorry. It could be better, but I want to get it working first.