release-1.18.2-434 1 year, 8 months ago

Release 1.18.2-434

* Add: EMI integration. EMI is a new recipe viewer mod
  that brings innovative new features such as
  crafting trees and material lists (emiploszaj)
* Add: New challenge achievement, Blessing. Get it by celebrating Tiny Potato's
  birthday with it on July 19th! Any candle cake will do.
* Change: Downmix Gaia music to mono so it is properly positional
* Change: Redirective lens can now make spreaders aim towards an entity that shot the
  burst (such as a player shooting a Redirective blaster)
* Change: Redirective lens bursts now hit entities and cause them to face the shooter
* Change: Remove quasiconnectivity from the Cacophonium, Luminizer Launcher, Spark
  Tinkerer, Corporea Funnel, Corporea Retainer, Mana Prism, and Red String Dispenser.
  Most of these weren't intentional and were found to be getting in the way of builds.
  If you have opinions about this, discuss with us on #botania_engineering on Discord.
* Fix: Greater Mana Ring having wrong capacity on Fabric
* Fix: Fluxfield documentation now mentions Tech Reborn Energy
* Fix: Fix Tech Reborn energy not being sent to blocks without a block entity on Fabric
* Fix: Add a fix to prevent crashes when the pixie spawn chance attribute isn't registered properly