release-1.16.5-420.3 1 year, 3 months ago

Release 1.16.5-420.3

This is a release consisting mainly of backports from newer builds

* Add: Horn of the Canopy now breaks vines (from 1.18.1-426)
* Add: Luminizers can now be phantom-inked to suppress their particles (from 1.17.1-422)
* Change: Update Cacophonium Block texture to match new Note Block texture (from 1.17.1-422) (quat)
* Change: Tater nameplates are hidden in F1 like vanilla ones (from 1.17.1-422)
* Fix: Some buggy behaviors of fake mana bursts (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Bergamute muting effect not distinguishing dimensions (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Potential crashes in Bergamute code
* Fix: Terra Shatterer AoE voiding blocks it can’t mine (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Rod of Shifting Crust wireframe mismatching the actual area sometimes (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Duplication glitch when mossifying a Petal Apothecary
* Fix: Refactor and overall improve binding logic, preventing various directionality bugs with flower binding range (partial backport from 1.17.1-422) (quat)