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Release 1.20.1-441

See web/changelog.md for the detailed changelog

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Release 1.19.2-440

See web/changelog.md of this commit for release notes

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Release 1.19.2-439

* Add: Mana pools with pylons on top of them will now play a small particle effect when trading items in the alfheim portal
* Add: Looking at a Spark while holding a Wand of the Forest will now render a HUD showing information like augments (for mana sparks) and network color (both mana and corporea sparks)
* Add: Terra Truncator can now propagate its chopping through Mangrove Roots
* Add: Trinket case uses special open icon while its GUI is open
* Add: All wand HUDs now have backgrounds for better readability, along with some other changes on some HUDs. Their design is not finalized, let us know on discord/reddit/irc/email if you have suggestions for how they can be better!
* Add: Bound flowers now show the type of spreader/pool they're bound to in the tooltip, instead of a generic spreader/pool
* Add: Rannuncarpus can now add blocks onto existing blocks like candles and sea pickles, which accept multiple placements of itself in the same block space
* Add: The game now warns you if you hold a wand of the forest with Optifine installed, as it breaks the entire mod. We recommend Sodium instead if you need a performance boost
* Change: Instead of always cooling down for 5 minutes, thermalilies now have a random cooldown between 20 seconds and 5 minutes. For automation, you can read how long the cooldown is with a comparator
* Change: Entropinnyum's "unethical TNT" detection was changed, it's now more accurate and shouldn't cause any false positives
* Change: Flower pouches now render missing flowers transparently, and render a "1" next to stacks with one item
* Change: Rod of the Shifting Crust now delays processing neighbor updates until the block is replaced, meaning torches or other blocks attached to exchanged blocks will no longer break as long as the new block can still support it
* Change: Runic altar now doesn't immideatly pick up its own crafting outputs, and lets hopperhocks pick them up quicker
* Change: Terra truncator now propagates through Mangrove Roots
* Change: Sort recipe categories in EMI
* Change: The trinket case now shows an opened texture when opened
* Change: Force relay/lens pushing now reuses vanilla piston pushing logic instead of copying it. Should lead to better compatibility with mods that let you move block entities
* Fix: Mana spreaders now update their mana levels in real time, like pools do
* Fix: Red stringed containers now always report and accessible inventory, so that corporea sparks will not pop off them
* Fix: The fallback vanilla item transfer implementation in corporea now correctly updates inventories after taking items (this bug was not directly accessible, since neither fabric nor forge use this fallback implementation)
* Fix: Metamorphic stone chiseled brick recipe is now consistent with chiseled livingrock recipe
* Fix: Sky of Beginning being granted only when *both* a Mystical Flower and Tall Mystical Flower were picked up, instead of either one
* Fix: The JEI category for mana infusion no longer shows the creative mana pool, to be consistent with EMI and REI
* Fix: Livingrock and deepslate apothecaries now show as workstations in the apothecary recipe category in EMI/REI/JEI
* Fix: Corporea crystal cube now shortens long numbers correctly.
* Fix: Hopperhocks and corporea funnels now interact correctly with composters on forge
* Fix: Paintslinger lens now works with candle and candle cake blocks
* Fix: Paintslinger lens will now transform all adjacent blocks of the same block, not just those with the exact same blockstate
* Fix: Paintslinger lens no longer resets blockstate of colored blocks
* Internal: Changes to BlockstateProvider, see [these commits](https://github.com/VazkiiMods/Botania/compare/d1c3b3ae4f231d5e4e20677fac043bb315c4ef7e..a149645f8a3fc1d876600995eb7285654d358adc) for more details
* Internal: Allow the flower model for floating flowers to use forges model extensions. See [this commit](https://github.com/VazkiiMods/Botania/commit/e3588c21f2540058931f81322ca336b2535f1100) for more details

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Release 1.19.2-438

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Release 1.19.2-437

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Release 1.19.2-436

* Info: Ported to Minecraft 1.19.2
  * We will reassess in a few weeks what the situation is with regards to 1.19.3.
* Add: NEW TEXTURES! Most all of the magical flowers and livingrock-based blocks have been retextured by ArtemisSystem and Falkory220, and several new decor variants have been added
* Add: Document the 1.17 stone infusion cycle
* Add: Enabled JEI integration on Fabric as well (shartte)
* Add: Mangrove propagules to sapling infusion ring
* Add: Frog to aquatic pool of Cocoon of Caprice
* Add: Wand of the Forest can now toggle PipeBlock-like faces, such as those of the Huge Mushroom
* Add: Hovering Hourglass HUD now shows the exact current time within the cycle
* Add: Tectonic Girdle now prevents Mana Blaster's recoil (LeoBeliik)
* Add: Petal Apothecary recipes' reagent item (seeds) can now be customized in JSON. This
has implications on how the Apothecary matches items, see commit
3149ffd02cce6e972fbe04ef949ebb2790924dc1 for more information.
* Add: When rotating or modifying a block with the Wand of the Forest, play a sound
* Add: Cobbled Deepslate, End Stone, Red Sand to Disposable blocks
* Add: Tuff, Calcite, Stone, Basalt, Deepslate, Dripstone, Pointed Dripstone, Moss, Sandstone, and Red Sandstone to semi-disposable blocks
* Add: Orechid, Orechid Ignem, and Marimorphosis recipes may now specify a function that is run on success
* Add: Stone of Temperance can now be right-clicked in the inventory to toggle it on and off (LeoBeliik)
* Add: Orechid, Orechid Ignem, and Marimorphosis recipes may now specify tags and blockstate properties for their inputs
* Add: Incense Plate now plays a sound when ignited
* Change: Marimorphosis now uses biome tags for its bonus boost
* Change: Move world generation to JSON
* Change: Some Introduction section entries are now marked priority to emphasize their importance (Aegide)
* Change: ja_JP updates (RakuGaki-MC)
* Change: Munchdew prioritizes eating further away and disconnected leaves first (TheRealWormbo)
* Change: Horn of Canopy and Covering now use tags to decide what to break
* Change: Endoflame no longer requires a valid spreader binding to start burning fuel
* Change: Forge builds now include the suffix `-FORGE` like the Fabric ones
* Change: Pure Daisy no longer runs if the input of a recipe is the same as the output
* Change: Uncap the Spectranthemum distance limit (but the mana cost scales with distance)
* Change: Unstreamify parts of the code for better performance
* Change: After placing a torch with the Manasteel Pickaxe, there is a 5-tick cooldown in which another cannot be placed (LeoBeliik)
* Change: Spoofed Hopperhocks, Labellias, Pollidisiacs, and Rannuncarpuses now take input at their true position instead of their spoofed position
* Change: Mana pool's dye color is expressed in the blockstate, allowing models to be different for each. Separate the "white" and "undyed" cases.
* Change: Mana pool's dyeing now uses mana petals for dyeing, and a clay ball to remove the color
* Change: Marimorphosis now takes 1.8 stones and deepslate as inputs as well
* Change: Missiles from the Rod of Unstable Reservoir no longer try to target entities that are invulnerable to the missiles
* Change: Updated the sounds of Buried Petals and Petal Blocks
* Change: Updated lexicon picture for Mystical Flowers
* Change: Terra Shatterer only toggles its active state when sneaking (LeoBeliik)
* Fix: Many, many lexicon fixes (Aegide)
* Fix: Soul Cross not working on Forge
* Fix: Wrong REI entrypoint being declared on Fabric (YerinAlexey)
* Fix: Bound block highlight no longer renders every individual part of the VoxelShape
* Fix: Loonium spawned mobs not being at max health
* Fix: Delete orphaned and duplicate lang entries (Quezler)
* Fix: Configs behaving strangely on Forge due to not checking if events were for Botania
* Fix: Revert making Petal Apothecary a LiquidBlockContainer from 1.18.2-435, it interacted poorly in-world
* Fix: Exclude any items with NBT from the Black Hole Talisman, to prevent data loss
* Fix: Thundercaller lightning effects not showing up
* Fix: Desyncs in Dandelifeon, Hydroangeas, Thermalily
* Fix: Spell Cloth being repairable
* Fix: Red String Spoofer binding to huge mushrooms blocks instead of small mushrooms
* Fix: A bunch of dynamic recipes not matching as strictly as they should, leading to item loss
* Fix: Hovering Hourglass HUD for Mana Powder being nonsensical
* Fix: Red String Spoofer not binding to nether mushrooms
* Fix: Corporea Crystal Cube "Locked" HUD overflowing the background
* Fix: Rod of the Seas not making a sound when filling Petal Apothecary (LeoBeliik)
* Fix: Item inside Corporea Crystal Cube render going outside the cube (LeoBeliik)
* Fix: Bursts becoming visible after warping in some cases (LeoBeliik)
* Fix: Livingrock item entity not resyncing when Runic Altar completes
* Fix: Crafty Crate deleting items if the recipe returns air (KJP12)
* Fix: Black Hole Talisman extraction recipe matching empty talismans (KJP12)
* Fix: Withdrawing fluids from Petal Apothecary with stacked buckets not working on Forge
* Fix: Z-Fighting on Mana Prism with some lenses
* Fix: Z-Fighting on Tripwire Lens
* Fix: Mana Enchanter's rune effect animating choppily

release-1.16.5-420.3 1 year, 25 days ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 1.16.5-420.3

This is a release consisting mainly of backports from newer builds

* Add: Horn of the Canopy now breaks vines (from 1.18.1-426)
* Add: Luminizers can now be phantom-inked to suppress their particles (from 1.17.1-422)
* Change: Update Cacophonium Block texture to match new Note Block texture (from 1.17.1-422) (quat)
* Change: Tater nameplates are hidden in F1 like vanilla ones (from 1.17.1-422)
* Fix: Some buggy behaviors of fake mana bursts (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Bergamute muting effect not distinguishing dimensions (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Potential crashes in Bergamute code
* Fix: Terra Shatterer AoE voiding blocks it can’t mine (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Rod of Shifting Crust wireframe mismatching the actual area sometimes (from 1.18.1-428)
* Fix: Duplication glitch when mossifying a Petal Apothecary
* Fix: Refactor and overall improve binding logic, preventing various directionality bugs with flower binding range (partial backport from 1.17.1-422) (quat)

release-1.18.2-435 1 year, 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 1.18.2-435

* Add: Support for Ears mod (TJT01):
  * If phantom-inked armor is worn; Ears will act as if there isn't anything in that slot
    (feet claws will show with invisible boots, for example).
  * If a Flügel tiara with wings is worn, Ears' wings will be hidden.
* Add: Bottled Mana can now be eaten by foxes
* Add: Terra Pick can now AOE mine blocks meant for the Hoe
* Add: Petal Apothecaries now make sounds when being filled or emptied
* Fix: Documentation being inconsistent about the operation ordering of retainers and
  interceptors. Documentation now matches the existing behaviour that later incoming
  requests overwrite the currently held one (artemisSystem)
* Fix: Blacklist flower pouch from cpw InventorySorter, which deletes everything when
  trying to sort
* Fix: Multiple lexicon fixes (Aegide):
  * Fix Botania not being highlighted with $(thing) macro in some places
  * Fix "Elves", "Horse", "Mana", and "Rain" being highlighted with
    $(item) macro in some places
  * Ensure the "Introduction" entry is at the top of its category
* Fix: Mana Blaster model using excessive amounts of memory
* Fix: Hopperhocks not using a flat 5-tick timer for newly infused items
* Fix: Some cases of Heisei Dream not working on mobs. There are other known cases left.
* Fix: Botania inventories spilling their contents when being replaced by /fill and other
  commands that should overwrite without drops
* Fix: Rod of the Highlands not counting as a source of dirt
* Fix: Rod of the Hells' AOE being completely broken (it used XY plane instead of XZ)
* Fix: Mana-level filtering not working in Hopperhocks
* Fix: Potential crashes on Forge when Forge light pipeline is enabled
* Fix: Solid Vines not using the new vanilla vine sounds
* Fix: Item entities not visually updating when they are manipulated by Botania
* Fix: Vine ball lexicon entry claiming vanilla vines cannot be climbed without support
  when they can be (artemisSystem)
* Fix: Mossy Apothecaries dropping the default Petal Apothecary instead of themselves
* Change: Update ja_jp translations (RakuGaki-MC)
* Change: The selection of wand colors in the creative menu is now
  randomized (artemisSystem)
* Change: Increased the size of the Eerie Mask cosmetic render
* Change: Improved the right click behaviour of multiple blocks (artemisSystem):
  * Spreaders and prisms now require an empty hand to remove lenses/wool.
  * Right clicking a spreader/prism with an identical lens/wool removes it
  * Lenses and wool will now be swapped with the one in the player's hand if the
    spreader/prism has a different one
  * Added a sound for applying and removing a lens from a mana prism
  * Removing an item from an apothecary/altar/brewery now only requires your main hand
   	to be empty
  * Right clicking to repeat a recipe in the altar or apothecary now only requires the
    main hand to be empty
* Change: Players that have the "Blessing" advancement can now see the event repeatedly
* Change: Bore-warp lenses now spawn the drops behind the spreader's facing, instead of
  inside the spreader (artemisSystem)
* Change: Retexture the mystical flowers (falkory220)
* Change: Petal Apothecary now only renders center 10x10 square of the liquid texture,
  instead of rendering the entire 16x16 texture and squashing it into a 10x10 space
* Change: Vine ball tweaks (artemisSystem)
  * If a vine ball entity can't place any vines where it hits, it drops itself
  * Vine balls now only place up to a maximum of 9 vines per hit
  * Hitting a Solid Vine with a vine ball will extend the current chain of vines downward
    (by up to 9 blocks)
* Change: Metamorphic stones overhaul (artemisSystem):
  * Retexture and remodel all existing blocks
  * Adjust the Petal Apothecary's hitbox to fit its new model
  * Rename all the families:
    Forest -> Fuchsite, Plains -> Talc, Mountain -> Gneiss, Fungal -> Mycelite,
	Swamp -> Cataclasite, Desert -> Solite, Taiga -> Lunite, Mesa -> Rosy Talc
  * Changed the biomes each family spawns in, check Lexicon for details
  * Add walls for each family
  * Mushrooms can now grow on Mycelite
* Change: NBT matching tweaks (artemisSystem)
  * Corporea requests now match exact NBT, instead of doing a "fuzzy match" that could
    grab items with extra NBT
  * This also means items with no tags will only match other items with no tags
  * Extended the hopperhock's special casing of mana items to corporea requests as well.
    Also made it not ignore other NBT data on the mana items.
  * Removed the 10-mana "fuzz" when determining mana item fullness.
  * All mana items are changed to never store a `Mana:0` tag, having a missing `Mana`
    entry represent the no mana state, to have more consistent behavior with other
	mods that compare NBT.
  * Fix ItemNBTHelper's `removeEntry` method. Previously it would leave behind an empty
    compound tag instead of removing it entirely, causing unexpected behavior
	(it now just calls the vanilla method, which handles this properly)
* API: Petal Apothecary is now a LiquidBlockContainer, meaning it can be filled by
  other mods that look for that interface (such as Hex)
* API: Make the entity using the horn available in IHornHarvestable

release-1.18.2-434 1 year, 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 1.18.2-434

* Add: EMI integration. EMI is a new recipe viewer mod
  that brings innovative new features such as
  crafting trees and material lists (emiploszaj)
* Add: New challenge achievement, Blessing. Get it by celebrating Tiny Potato's
  birthday with it on July 19th! Any candle cake will do.
* Change: Downmix Gaia music to mono so it is properly positional
* Change: Redirective lens can now make spreaders aim towards an entity that shot the
  burst (such as a player shooting a Redirective blaster)
* Change: Redirective lens bursts now hit entities and cause them to face the shooter
* Change: Remove quasiconnectivity from the Cacophonium, Luminizer Launcher, Spark
  Tinkerer, Corporea Funnel, Corporea Retainer, Mana Prism, and Red String Dispenser.
  Most of these weren't intentional and were found to be getting in the way of builds.
  If you have opinions about this, discuss with us on #botania_engineering on Discord.
* Fix: Greater Mana Ring having wrong capacity on Fabric
* Fix: Fluxfield documentation now mentions Tech Reborn Energy
* Fix: Fix Tech Reborn energy not being sent to blocks without a block entity on Fabric
* Fix: Add a fix to prevent crashes when the pixie spawn chance attribute isn't registered properly

release-1.18.2-433 1 year, 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 1.18.2-433

* Add: Mana Flames are now waterloggable, and the flash lens will place them in water
* Add: Wand of the Elven Forest (artemisSystem)
* Change: Mana Detector can now be crafted with a Target Block in the middle
* Fix: Redirect lenses crashing when hitting an entity
* Fix: Mana splitters working on things other than pools, causing crashes
* Fix: CraftTweaker docs for brews (BlameJared)
* Fix: Mana Prism not being waterlogged when placed directly into water
* Fix: Fix luminizer particles being wrong (quat)
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