0395676b โ€” Dawnwalker 13 hours ago 1.20.x
Update zh_cn.json (#4467)

The scope of the translation includes all commits about en_us.json from
Jun 4, 2023 to Oct 18, 2023.
zh_cn.json now has strictly two more lines than en_us.json
Omake tweaks, Rosa Arcana profile that is purportedly a self insert (or is it? ๐Ÿคจ)
4eb0e3c4 โ€” Elitemagikarp a day ago
gold -> copper in elven mana spreader description (#4495)

27f4a802 โ€” Vasco Lavos 3 days ago
Update contributors.properties
Bump to 442 after releasing 441
Add note about neoforge to changelog
Fix link fragment in release script
Update changelog
Clean up Crystal Bow vanilla copy, remove onFire line which mistakenly marks all arrows fired as unpickable

Closes #4476
Remove vestiges of custom relic rarity
Bump patchouli dep, reduce forge dep, align metadata with deps
Corporea Index response message no longer has quotation marks for itemstack-based requests
In Fabric Transfer API corporea node, iterate StorageView inside a transaction

Some mods change their views when a transaction commits, leading to CME's.
Closes #4403
Remove private.properties.example

No part of the build system uses the old private.properties stuff anymore
Remove old version checker files

The legacy version checker was removed in 1.14.
pre-1.14 versions will peacefully degrade by catching the 404, printing the exception, and continuing
ccd6bfea โ€” Adarsh 7 days ago
Added potion effect descriptions
For compat with EMIffect and Just Enough Effect Descriptions
Allow spectral platforms to support redstone and other components again

Closes #4473
Fix Terrablade spectator check not covering all cases

Closes #4480
Fix slot json being in the wrong place
Fix Curio slot association

Adding a ring slot still doesn't work though, not sure why