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Added potion effect descriptions
For compat with EMIffect and Just Enough Effect Descriptions
1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M Xplat/src/main/resources/assets/botania/lang/en_us.json
M Xplat/src/main/resources/assets/botania/lang/en_us.json => Xplat/src/main/resources/assets/botania/lang/en_us.json +7 -0
@@ 381,6 381,13 @@
  "death.attack.botania-relic": "%s was punished for using a relic that isn't theirs",
  "death.attack.botania.key_explosion": "%2$s drowned %1$s in treasure",

  "effect.botania.allure.description": "Doubles fishing speed.",
  "effect.botania.bloodthirst.description": "Allows hostile mobs to spawn in a 64-block radius, regardless of spawning conditions. Doesn't work if under the effect of Emptiness.",
  "effect.botania.clear.description": "Clears all status effects, positive or negative.",
  "effect.botania.emptiness.description": "Prevents natural mob spawning in a 128-block radius.",
  "effect.botania.feather_feet.description": "Grants immunity to fall damage.",
  "effect.botania.soul_cross.description": "Restores health upon killing mobs.",

  "entity.botania.mana_burst": "Mana Burst",
  "entity.botania.pixie": "Pixie",
  "entity.botania.flame_ring": "Flame Ring",