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r1.11 379
* This is the final build for 1.14.x. See you in 1.15.2 very soon!
* Add additional checks so that crashes unrelated to Botania don't blame Botania
* Fix dyeing fabulous pools not adjusting the color
* Dispensers can now use the Wand of the Forest's sneak right click actions, consult the lexicon for more. (eutropius225)
* Runic Altar and Petal Apothecary fast-recraft no longer consumes items in creative mode
* Fix mana tablet recipe not accepting mana pearls
* Fix bifrost pane being unbreakable
* Fix floating endoflame recipe being missing
* Fix entropinnyum accepting TNT resting in waterlogged blocks
* Fix mana clip attachment destroying lenses
* Fix Resolute Ivy not working on curios
* Fix crash when a minecart that is Spectral Rail boosted lands directly on another Spectral Rail then runs into a normal rail
* Items that generate mana and provide it to other items in inventory only do so serverside. May fix some desyncs.
* Remove "Status Unknown". The current mana levels of all blocks now automatically update.
* Cocoons can now be forced to spawn rare mobs using Gaia Spirits
* Fix rannuncarpus crashing when placing certain blocks
* Fix some mechanisms like the Force Relay/Lens allowing you to move waterlogged blocks
* Fix minecart sounds being silent when Botania is installed
* Fix Life Aggregator not placing down spawners correctly
r1.11 378
* Fix narslimmus eating spawner-spawned slimes
* Fix exoflames trying to smelt unsmeltable items in some cases
* Hydroangeas now show a durability bar for their decay time
* Fix agricarnation not speeding up sweet berries and bamboo
* Fix a crash in the Platforms
* Cocoon-spawned entities no longer despawn
* Fix Loki Ring being completely broken. There are still some edge-cases left but it should work mostly.
* Loki Ring grid now keeps the center position highlighted in bold for consistency with the building phase
* Replace slots in the Trinket Case texture with a player render (what else would I put there?)
* (Internal) Move recipe jsons to data generator
* Remove old Thaumcraft recipes and integration pages (F to pay respects)
* Fix Rod of Plentiful Mantle showing same color particles for all ores
* Add temporary recipes so the Botania banner patterns are accessible again
* Azulejo can now be crafted with any blue dye
* New Advancement - Hand in Hand - place over 255 blocks at once with a ring of loki
* New Hidden Advancement - That's Why I Baked Bread. Try to figure this one out! It shouldn't be very hard if you know the Botania memes.
* Fix non-English advancement names being broken
* Remove a bunch of dead lang entries
* Fix a bunch of animations stopping and/or jittering when the pause menu is open (even on servers)
* Fix force relays not moving properly when retracted indirectly using slime blocks
* Fix at least one known case of the "chunk loses all light" vanilla bug happening
* Lexicon typo fixes and tweaks (Alwinfy)
* Temporary fix for force relays in non-overworld dimensions not saving
r1.11 377
* Fix cell blocks not respecting red string spoofers
* Potential fix for lighting issues. Please reset/relight any affected areas and continue monitoring.