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* Info: This changelog also includes changes from the previous version (421)
* Info: Port to 1.17.1 Fabric. Forge will also be coming soon.
* Add: Luminizers can now be phantom-inked to suppress their particles
* Add: Influence Lens now affects primed TNT
* Add: Trinket Case and Flower Bag have Bundle-like interaction in the inventory menu
* Add: Snowflake Pendant is in the vanilla #freeze_immune_wearables tag
* Add: Structure files for Botania's multiblocks. These are just for convenience while testing and are not used for gameplay purposes
* Add: Pure Daisy recipe from End Stone -> Cobblestone. After completion, a cloud of Ender Air is released above the End Stone that can then be bottled by a dispenser.
* Add: GameTests for various internal features (team, quat)
* Change: Mana Detector is no longer a block entity and thus can be pushed by pistons
* Change: Cacophonium is now crafted with copper
* Change: Destroyed Trinket Boxes and Flower Pouches drop their contents like Bundles do
* Change: All lenses now stack to 16
* Change: Wand of the Forest now shows mode in the item name itself
* Change: Remove shader taters
* Change: Tater nameplates are hidden in F1 like vanilla ones
* Change: Botania sounds use their own soundevents, allowing them to be overridden independently of vanilla sounds (quat)
* Change: Orechid and Marimorphosis now use the JSON recipe system
* Change: Remove fluxfield config option. Modpacks that don't like it can simply remove the recipe theirself.
* Change: Remove obscure "fragile" mapmaker tag for pools
* Change: Kindle lens actually lights the burst on fire internally, so it can participate in vanilla mechanics like lighting the campfire
* Change: Any burning projectile can light the Incense Plate, similar to the campfire
* Change: Update Cacophonium Block texture to match new Note Block texture (quat)
* Change: Launching an entity with the Rod of Shaded Mesa counts as a player kill if the entity dies as a result
* Change: Force Relay and Force Lens now use vanilla piston logic, allowing slime block structures to be pushed. This is subject to further change as the implementation is quite tricky.
* Fix: Fix bursts being unable to collide with their source block at all. Now they can collide with their source block after leaving it for the first time
* Fix: After years of being broken, reimplement lightning bolts using Mekanism's code. Still some rough edges to work out.
* Fix: Adjust some lens models to prevent Z-fighting (artemisSystem)
* Fix: Refactor and overall improve binding logic, preventing various directionality bugs with flower binding range (quat)
* Info: Barring hotfixes, this will be the final update for Botania Forge 1.16. Thanks for your support!
* Change: Horns and Drums will not break blocks when in range of an active Bergamute (Alwinfy)