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* Add: New textures for catalysts
* Add: Piglin Head is now dropped from the Elementium Axe
* Add: Camel is now part of the Cocoon of Caprice's rare pool
* Add: Potion effect descriptions for EMIEffect and Just Enough Effect Descriptions (Adarsh)
* Change: Key of the King's Law no longer hurts items or most other nonliving entities (zacharybarbanell)
* Change: The internal mana buffer of the Gourmaryllis is now large enough to benefit from streak bonus even with very nutritious food like Rabbit Stew or high quality modded foods (it still caps the food value at 12 points or 6 haunches)
* Change: Removed desu gun and its associated advancement. The reference has overstayed its welcome.
* Change: Drum of the Gathering now uses entity tags to determine mobs that can be milked (`botania:drum/milkable`, which now also includes goats by default) and which mobs NOT to shear even though that's technically possible (`botania:drum/no_shearing`, by default that only includes mooshrooms); it can also produce suspicious stew from brown mooshrooms, and no longer finds a way to somehow milk baby cows (Wormbo)
* Change: Mirror axe/shear recipes so they match vanilla (Adarsh)
* Change: Fallen Kanade now works in the End dimension again
* Change: Fallen Kanade now works in the End dimension
* Change: Base mana spreader is now crafted with copper
* Change: Mana String is now approximately 5x cheaper to infuse (Adarsh)
* Change: Small buff to Manaweave chestplate's protection value (Adarsh)

@@ 48,6 49,7 @@ and start a new "Upcoming" section.
* Change: Improve the performance of Mana Sparks (anonymous123-code)
* Change: Improve the performance of Mana Enchanter (Wormbo)
* Change: Improve the performance of Alfheim Portal (Wormbo)
* Change: Corporea Index response message no longer has quotation marks around ItemStack-based requests
* Fix: Ender Air emission not being mentioned in Pure Daisy entry (Wormbo)
* Fix: NPE in Rod of the Unstable Reservoir (sandtechnology)
* Fix: JEI integration leaking memory

@@ 55,6 57,9 @@ and start a new "Upcoming" section.
* Fix: Solid Vines not being solid
* Fix: Off-by-one-degree typo when rendering progress pies in the HUD
* Fix: Botania gates now yield 1 like vanilla (Adarsh)
* Fix: Terra Blade firing in spectator mode
* Fix: CME crashes with certain Fabric mods (e.g. Extended Drawers) when Corporea is used on their inventories
* Fix: Crystal Bow not letting you pick up special arrows that were consumed
* Lexicon updates:
  * Mention the stack size limit of the Ring of Loki (Wormbo)
  * Alchemy Catalyst entry tweaks (Adarsh)