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Welcome to the Botania repository.

Botania is a Minecraft tech mod themed around natural magic. It's inspired by other magic mods, such as Thaumcraft or Blood Magic.

The current iteration of Botania is made possible thanks to the massive help by the part of williewillus, who ported the mod from 1.8 through to the present day, so go buy him a beer or something, I dunno, he's pretty cool.

Botania is licensed under the Botania License

For information on contributing, please read CONTRIBUTING.md.

#Maven info

Maven artifacts are located here, each folder representing a version.

Note: As of 1.16, intermediate (non-release) Maven builds are no longer persisted. That is, you must either depend on a released version of Botania, e.g. 1.16.2-407, or specifically opt in to the bleeding-edge build of the next version. For example, 1.16.2-408-SNAPSHOT would be the current bleeding edge version of future version 1.16.2-408.

Note that -SNAPSHOT versions can be broken from time to time, and you are strongly discouraged from using them unless you are helping dogfood, test, or contribute to Botania. They may also be pruned from time to time to save disk space on the server. Do not rely on -SNAPSHOT versions for anything important!

In Forge, add the following to your build.gradle

repositories {
    maven { url 'https://maven.blamejared.com' }

dependencies {
    // 1.14+
    compileOnly fg.deobf("vazkii.botania:Botania:[VERSION]:api")
    runtimeOnly fg.deobf("vazkii.botania:Botania:[VERSION]")

#Mixin Troubleshooting

Read this if you get crashes when depending on Botania and trying to launch in-dev. Botania uses Mixins to implement various features. This may cause issues when depending on Botania in-dev, since ForgeGradle/MixinGradle do not yet properly support this in-dev like Fabric does. As a workaround, disable refmaps by defining the mixin.env.disableRefMap JVM argument to true.