Add grayjay-bandcamp-plugin
One-Definition -> One Definition
Add link for ELF, weak clarifications
Add Linking by Example
Split build script from post-receive hook
Use highlight_theme = "css"

So that highlighted code lines work properly.
NixOS on Librem: fix date
fix missing img_caption macro
nixos on Librem 5: init
Add thumbnail shortcode
gitignore: static/
sass: increase line spacing, remove from <code>

By increasing `$space-min`.

A bit more line spacing to increase readability. Has some knock-on visual
impacts but I don't mind them much.

Remove spacing from <code> tags because it uses `$space-min`. I don't want to
create yet another spacing variable, and I don't think it adds much visually.
sass: replace @import with @use
Journey into Nix: Link to configuration repo
blog: Add A Journey Into Nix
Update CV and PDF
blog: git: fix mangled sentence and syntax
cv: remove address, references
cv: add more spacing between links, sourcehut icon
cv: more Sinara detail