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@@ 159,47 159,3 @@ and software development.
I supported attendees who learned about programming with Scratch and the BBC
micro:bit, as well as web design using HTML & CSS.
{% end %}

{% cv_entry(
	id    = "LOSProgrammingClub"
	title = "Club Coordinator"
	org   = "The London Oratory School"
	url   = "https://www.london-oratory.org"
	start = "2015-12-01"
	end   = "2016-06-01"
) %}
Throughout the school year, I helped run a weekly Programming Club with about 30
attendees, aged 13–17.

I organised programming challenges for attendees to complete, and set up
Raspberry Pis for attendees to tinker with.  
During the club, I taught the basics of programming & algorithms, helping
attendees with the challenges and activities.

- __Communication skills:__ Teaching attendees improved my ability to
  communicate clearly and concisely
- __Teamwork:__ I and the other club organisers regularly collaborated to
  prepare activities & challenges and advertise the club
- __Organisation:__ Planning and organising activities developed my ability to
  manage my time, as I worked around my studies to help keep the club running
{% end %}

{% cv_entry(
	id    = "cruk"
	title = "Volunteer"
	org   = "Cancer Research UK"
	url   = "https://www.cancerresearchuk.org"
	start = "2014-01-01"
	end   = "2014-06-20"
) %}
I worked weekends at a local Cancer Research UK retail shop with other
volunteers.  I performed several roles, including working at the till,
organising the store, and managing stock.

- __Communication skills:__ Working at the till boosted my communication and
  people skills while ensuring that customers had a good experience with the
- __Teamwork & organisation:__ Working with other volunteers strengthened my
  team-working, as we shared multiple roles and performed different jobs,
  working together to meet sales goals
{% end %}