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title = "A Bandcamp plugin for Grayjay"
description = """
A brief announcement of a plugin for accessing Bandcamp on the Grayjay app.
date = 2024-05-08

[Grayjay](https://grayjay.app) is a media app which supports multiple platforms,
similar to [NewPipe](https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/releases). I've
recently been trying it out in place of NewPipe, probably after one too many
times where a Youtube update broke it.

Note that Grayjay currently has some weird ["temporary"
so treat it as "source-available" software at best. It doesn't qualify as Free
and Open Source, as of writing.

A platform I've sorely missed support for is [Bandcamp](https://bandcamp.com),
where I buy most of my music. Thankfully Grayjay has a fairly straightforward
plugin system, where you implement their API (in Javascript, blergh).

So I did that.

[Here it is](https://git.sr.ht/~williamvds/bandcamp-grayjay-plugin).

And here's a QR code for installing it.

![QR code for the plugin](./qr.png)

Or if Grayjay finally supports adding plugins by URL, give it this:


Don't worry, it'll only update when the version in the config file is

## Status

Currently pretty jank, but does the job.

The home page shows the most recent "notable albums" as on the Bandcamp

Known issues:

- Album size and track length isn't always provided
- Accessing band pages with custom domains isn't supported
- Tracks that can't be streamed aren't displayed at all
- It needs "unrestricted" internet access, because Grayjay doesn't support
    wildcard subdomain access (band pages are like <http://band.bandcamp.com>)

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