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Git's default branch is called `master`, but its name is configurable and so may
vary between platforms and teams. Branching conventions also vary, so some
repositories might use their default branch for active development, while others
may only update it with each release to end-users. See [further
reading](#further-reading) for some examples.
may only update it with each release to end-users. See [extra
resources](#extra-resources) for some examples.

You can add and list branches with `$ git branch`, and switch which one you're
with `$ git switch`. Switching a branch will also update the index to match the

@@ 2136,7 2136,7 @@ each to create a new set. It can reapply those commits on top of a different
You can use `$ git rebase` with another branch as the target (known as the _new
base_), which will take the commits on the current branch that aren't in the
target branch and reapply them to the current tip of the target. In this
case, "reapplying" a commit effectively means [cherry-picking](#cherry-picking)
case, "reapplying" a commit effectively means [cherry-picking](#cherry-pick)
it. In the end, your branch will be reformed into one you can merge with a
[fast-forward](#fast-forward). To demonstrate: