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### Software
C++, C, Java, C# (dotnet), Python, PHP, JavaScript, Haskell
C++, C, Java, C# (dotnet), Python, PHP, JavaScript, Haskell  

CMake, Boost, Apache Kafka

### Version control
Using Git, with GitHub and GitLab  
Using Git, with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket  
Using SVN

### Web frontend
With HTML(5), CSS  
With HTML, CSS  
Experience with Vue.js

### Platforms
Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, iOS
GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS

### Databases
Using SQL, with PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server, and MySQL
Using SQL, with PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, and Oracle

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	url   = "https://sinara.com"
	start = "2020-09-07"
) %}
At Sinara I've been working on software for financial organisations, usually
with the .NET frameworks, including ASP.NET and MSSQL.  
I've gained experience using Visual Studio and other tools to develop for the
Windows platform.

Projects involved in:

- Market data feed handler: a highly concurrent system that handles multicast
  network traffic. I was involved in:
	- Developing tools to support development and testing: a tool for debugging
	  multicast connectivity, a market data visualisation tool, and a
	  controllable emulator of the system the handler connects to.
	- Designing, implementing and performing tests, including unit and
	  integration tests, as well as manual testing.
	- Implementing functionality, and correcting issues that arose during

At Sinara, I'm working on software for financial organisations, particularly
trading platforms and handling market data.

- Developed a multicast market data feed handler in C# (.NET Framework)
	- Created tools to support development and testing, including a market data
	  emulator that could simulate different scenarios, and market data

- Worked on a trading platform for a major trading exchange as part of a
  technology modernisation project, developed in C++
	- Assisted in the design and implementation features, integrating the
	  platform with other systems within the exchange
	- Improved the existing build environment, making the edit-compile-run
	  loop significantly faster
	- Introduced development tools for catching bugs, and fixed issues that were
	- Contributed to a simple FIX trading client used as a development tool

- Designed, implemented, and executed automated unit and integration tests, as
  well as quality assurance tests

- Wrote technical documentation to assist other developers, and user
  documentation intended for users and administrators
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@@ 63,16 73,38 @@ Projects involved in:
	start = "2018-06-18"
	end   = "2019-08-23"
) %}

As a developer at Feral I worked on bringing more games to __macOS__ and
__iOS__, including [Total War: Shogun 2](https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/games/shogun2tw), [Tropico](https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/mobile-games/tropico), and [Company of Heroes](https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/ios-games/companyofheroes).  
By working on several large codebases I've gained the ability to jump into new
projects and rapidly understand them; a skill that allows me to quickly start
fixing bugs and implement new features.  
Using __C++__ throughout my placement has earned me an in-depth understanding of
it, which I've used to solve problems effectively on top of fixing issues such
as cross-platform bugs and undefined behaviour.  
I've learnt how to use __Xcode__ to develop for Apple platforms, and used
__LLDB__ extensively to debug large applications and fix obscure bugs.

- Delivered the bulk of the 64-bit port of [Total War: Shogun 2 for
  macOS](https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/games/shogun2tw), with similar
  patches used to later port other games in the franchise

- Assisted the release of [Tropico for
  mobile](https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/mobile-games/tropico), primarily
  working on the touch camera controls and improving performance

- Was heavily involved in the development of [Company of Heroes for
  implementing many of the controls and UI changes needed to bring the game to

I jumped into several large codebases - including multiple game engines
\- that were originally developed with Windows as the target platform.
I learned how to pick up new projects and explore and understand
them, being able to quickly start fixing bugs and implementing new features.

Using __C++__ throughout my placement earned me a deeper understanding of the
language, as I debugged and fixed cross-platform bugs including undefined
To support development, I wrote a tools and libraries, including a generic
library for real-time strategy touch camera controls which was used in both
Tropico and Company of Heroes ports.

Being the main IDE for Apple platforms, I used __Xcode__ throughout my
placement, and also made extensive use of __LLDB__ to debug games
and fix obscure bugs.
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## {{icon(icon="school")}} Education {#education}

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	tech  = "C++ (17), CMake"
) %}
A C++ emulator library for the 6502 microprocessor, aiming to make the best use
of modern C++ and best practices.  
(Work in progress).
of modern C++ and best practices.
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