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blog: Git: remove a TODO and publish
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@@ 5,8 5,7 @@ A Git tutorial for both beginners and existing users, revealing all the magic by
starting from the underlying concepts that are often hidden away
date = 2021-05-15
draft = true
date = 2021-07-06

table_of_contents = true

@@ 564,10 563,6 @@ of a file have been changed, the diff will group them into distinct _hunks_,
which encapsulate changes in nearby lines, with some unchanged lines for
additional context.

<!-- TODO: look at
http://www.gnu.org/software/diffutils/manual/html_node/Hunks.html for
definition of hunk -->

You can see that the diff references the staged blob for `file1.txt`, `1ed6543`,
as well as a new blob name `ff709a8`. The new blob name is calculated from the
file in the working tree, but is not actually saved as an object in the