Remove UUIDBundleAdapter
Remove usage of FormController from EditorActivity

And remove Editor.
This form now only uses AppForm in the backend.
Convert RunActivity to Kotlin and an AppForm

The activity no longer uses a RecyclerView for the output. This has been
replaced by a multi-line TextView

Added command_result_format string, which provides to format in which to
display the command output

AccountController#StringAggregator has been made public static so that
it can be used within RunActivity
Reverse loadFromBundle call order

In certain occasions, it appears that intent.extras are available
despite the activity being resumed
Loading from the saved state before the intent ensures that form
activities are properly restored
Convert TextEditor to AppForm
Convert TagDialog to an AppForm
Convert AnnotationDialog to an AppForm
Add AppForm

A utility class for implementing forms. Forms can be launched easily by
passing their required data, specified by a child data class.
These must be serializable, so that forms can be saved & restored when
an activity is recreated.
Use AppActivity#style to indicate dialogs

Removes AppDialog class.
This new system is more flexible, in that it doesn't require inheritance
to apply a dialog style to an activity
Use AnnotationDialog.Form data class
Convert AccountAddDialog in Kotlin
Convert EditorActivity to Kotlin

Make AsyncTasks static to remove usage of bravo7.util.Tasks
Remove usage of bravo7.util.Compat
Make SyncIntentReceiver AsyncTask a StaticAsyncTask
Convert SyncIntentReceiver to Kotlin
Make long click on edit FAB launch the editor
Replace bravo7.log.Logger with Timber
Make StaticAsyncTask callbacks use Context as this
Remove unnecessary SDK version checks for SSLContext
Remove FormController usage in AnnotationDialog