United Kingdom


I'm a software developer, archer, and open-source software fiddler.

Check out my repositories on sourcehut.

You can see more of my open-source contributions on GitHub.


My configuration files


The source for my website: williamvds.me


My Advent of Code solutions


Taskwarrior with patches for Android. Fork of https://github.com/kvj/TaskwarriorAndroidCLI


An Android client for Taskwarrior. Fork of https://github.com/kvj/TaskwarriorAndroid


A test I completed while applying for an internship at Firmstep


A community website for donating to FOSS projects (unfinished)


Notes and work from my Bachelor's in Computer Science


Dissertation for my Bachelor's in Computer Science


A simple business site written in PHP


C++ emulator for the 6502 microprocessor


A Garry's Mod addon allowing players to form and manage groups within a server