this script has somehow grown 😱
sh doesn't support brace expansion
Copy all html files directly over to dst
Add meta descriptions to pandoc generation
SEO FTW! Add sitemap / robots.txt
Ugh. There's a MacOS <-> Linux difference in `cp`
Append to tmp/tags.md, don't overwrite
Create directories recursively for dst
920834f7 — William Clarke 2 years ago
Mac sed works differently to linux; let's simplify!
Add config.yaml documentation

Allow header file to be added to html docs
Behold the all-important '#'
Zenburn's a pretty cool syntax highlighing scheme
Add really short info on the actual script
Add super helpful info if people are using the script wrong
Improve README - more on file & document structure
Add an example script to make it easy to get started

Also improve the 'housekeeping' in the main script
Fix xargs issues on linux and simplify the script
Add MIT license ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Add ssssg shell script and a README