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@@ 22,7 22,7 @@ I took heavy inspiration for this script from [ssg](https://www.romanzolotarev.c
- It's not very SEO-friendly. No sitemap. No opengraph tags.
- It's kind of slow. We delete and regenerate all pages and tags each time.

## How To:
## File structure

This script assumes a file structure as follows:

@@ 38,10 38,34 @@ This script assumes a file structure as follows:

- This structure isn't 100% necessary, but recommended.
- You can put any files in any directory (including the top-level)
- Posts should go in the `src/posts` directory. Special logic happens to posts (tags and a list of posts by date).
- You can chuck whatever CSS you want into the `src/css` directory.
- Posts should go in the `src/posts` directory.
- the `src/_{top,bottom}.html` files are optional but useful for making sites look half-decent.

## Post structure

You should write your posts in markdown.
Frontmatter is a vital part of how this script works. Each post should have these frontmatter fields:

`date` `title` `description` `tags`

An example

``` sh
date: 2022-01-01
title: An example post title
description: This is a super cool way to generate static stites
tags: ssssg simple web

.. the rest of the md document..

The rest of the post should be in markdown.

## Example
Here's an example script to get you up and running. 
Alternatively you can look at https://git.sr.ht/~will-clarke/blog for inspiration.

@@ 77,5 101,6 @@ echo "<h1>Hey everyone</h1>
</nav>" > src/_top.html
echo "<footer>That's all Folks!</footer>" > src/_bottom.html
echo "h1 {color: red;}" > src/css/style.css