Service files for use by superd.
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dbus: new service file
tmux: new service file



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A collection of service files for use by superd.


An Alpine package is available in the testing repositories. To install from source simply use make install.


  1. Don't use absolute paths for executable that are expected to be present in $PATH. This allows end-users to override the executable by placing a wrapper script (e.g.: a user can place a script in ~/.local/bin that calls the original binary with extra arguments).


Usually when user pipewire, the intent is for it to also work as a pulseaudio drop-in replacement. For this to work, all three of the following must be enabled:

  • pipewire.service
  • pipewire-pulse.service
  • wireplumber.service


This project is licensed under the ISC licence. See LICENCE.md for details.