Split changelog into a separate file
readme: tidy up sway instructions
Update copyright year
Improve ambiguous error names
Remove _state suffix from State properties
Improve logging for released buffers
Drop unused scale logic

I might need to bring this back for touch / pointer controls, but at the
moment it is unused.
Add missing backtick
Adapt to recent changes in wl_buffer protocol

Destroying buffers now implicitly detaches them, so the lifetime of each
buffer needs to be manually tracked.

See: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/wayland/-/merge_requests/363
This has been fixed in wayland-rs
Explicitly match ()
Use empty type to identify Dispatch impls
Update copyright email
Replace futures with futures-channel

The latter is one of many dependencies of the former, and I'm only using
a single type from futures-channel. This trims the dependency tree.
Build everything when running `make`
Rename function to something more obvious
Minor clean-up in error handling
Move paths-related logic into separate module
Rename OutputUserData to OutputDetector

This is more obvious