nvim: fix rust-analyzer ignoring tests

The important part here is `--all-targets`, but the other flags have
been added to align with the default values.

See: https://rust-analyzer.github.io/manual.html#rust-analyzer.cargo.buildScripts.overrideCommand
vdirsyncer: remove superfluous "command" string
vdirsyncer: filesystem has been renamed to vdir
usvc: drop dockerd-rootless

Podman works fine now.
readme: delete obsolete section
readme: tidy up link
nvim: show signatures when typing function params
nvim: delete unused null-ls

This plugin was disable in 7b9a05d9f, but accidentally remained.
zsh: emit OSC-133 escape sequences

This allows jumping between prompts in foot.
waybar: differentiate bluetooth On vs Connected
waybar: match battery style with clock
pipewire: create a null output

Always create an output that sends data to /dev/null.

See: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/wikis/Virtual-Devices#configuration
usvc: simplify restart
waybar: open bluetuith for bluetooth control

This works a lot more reliably for connecting new devices and has less
moving parts (no applet, no daemons).

bluetuith's UI is far simpler but it has all the features that I use
(the basic ones). It's probably missing some niche functionality that
I've never even heard of.
foot: bind home and end to scrollback
nvim: enable a few gitsigns mappings

`diffthis` is especially useful.

See: https://github.com/lewis6991/gitsigns.nvim#keymaps
sway: bind "previous" and "next" media keys
nvim: switch to outline.nvim

symbols-outline it unmaintained, and this new fork has a few extra handy
features (like expanding/collapsing the tree easily).

See: https://github.com/hedyhli/outline.nvim/issues/12
keepassxc: move database into vault
darkman: copy gtk3 scripts in-tree