lock-and-sleep: properly handle all edge cases
nvim: update cmp-treesitter

Addresses deprecation warning on recent neovim releases.

See: https://github.com/ray-x/cmp-treesitter/commit/f114b6150eb37d95a6e11ef9e78a84b105e2f7ab
webcam: sample script to view webcam

This has been sitting here since forever, let's commit it to keep the
repo checkout clean.
readme: update instructions for rustup
steam: make script executable
volctld: update mention of newer mako feature
golint: update to latest image
pause: simplify script
lock-and-sleep: go back to sleep if idle while locked
lock-and-sleep: use swaylock --ready-fd

This lets me follow the lifetime of swayidle itself.
steam: add shortcut script
sway: lock-and-sleep on key release

Sometimes the system wakes up immediately after sleep. I think it's the
key release event.
sway: remove outdated mapping
waybar: configure mouse wheel for volume control
nvim: install vim-bufkill

Mostly for `:BD`.

See: https://github.com/qpkorr/vim-bufkill#usage
nvim: simplify mapping descriptions
nvim: add mapping to jump to type definition
clone: properly operate on bare git remotes
nvim: don't pass pid to containerised servers