f40afb3148c721e18a5fee8c295bda546777a898 — Hugo Osvaldo Barrera 15 days ago bb67691 main
waybar: open bluetuith for bluetooth control

This works a lot more reliably for connecting new devices and has less
moving parts (no applet, no daemons).

bluetuith's UI is far simpler but it has all the features that I use
(the basic ones). It's probably missing some niche functionality that
I've never even heard of.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M home/.config/waybar/config.jsonc
M home/.config/waybar/config.jsonc => home/.config/waybar/config.jsonc +1 -1
@@ 82,7 82,7 @@
  "bluetooth": {
    "format-connected": " {device_alias}",
    "format-connected-battery": " {device_alias} {device_battery_percentage}%",
    "on-click": "blueman-manager"
    "on-click": "foot -e bluetuith"
  "custom/iwd": {
    "exec": "$HOME/.local/lib/waybar-iwd",