f53b8d8055cda33095d2359f0f1cb106bd8d37a8 — Hugo Osvaldo Barrera a month ago bb32a09
himitsu-mutt: Rename `user` to `username`

Himitsu generally prefers the latter.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M home/.local/bin/himitsu-mutt
M home/.local/bin/himitsu-mutt => home/.local/bin/himitsu-mutt +2 -2
@@ 45,10 45,10 @@ done
# If no username was provided, get that from himitsu as well.
# The username is not expected to be secret.
if [ -z "${USERNAME+x}" ]; then
  USERNAME=$(hiq -1F user "proto=$PROTO" "host=$HOSTNAME")
  USERNAME=$(hiq -1F username "proto=$PROTO" "host=$HOSTNAME")
  echo "username: $USERNAME"

# Extract and print the password.
PASSWORD=$(hiq -dF password "proto=$PROTO" "host=$HOSTNAME" "user=$USERNAME")
PASSWORD=$(hiq -dF password "proto=$PROTO" "host=$HOSTNAME" "username=$USERNAME")
echo "password: $PASSWORD"