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# Installation

There's an [AUR package][aur] for ArchLinux users.

For other platforms, you can build `autovdirsyncer` using:


And install using:

    sudo make install

[aur]: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/autovdirsyncer/

# Usage

Finally, enable this to run as a service for your user with:

    systemctl --user enable --now autovdirsyncer

`systemd` is not required, and you may use the service manager of your choice
to run this.

Keep in mind that the binary is not in your `$PATH` my default, but in
`/usr/lib/autovdirsyncer`, since it's not intended to be run interactively.

# Licence

autovdirsyncer is licensed under the ISC licence. See LICENCE for details.