Wrapper to daemonise vdirsyncer.
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autovdirsyncer is a wrapper to daemonise vdirsyncer.

It monitors your vdir collections and runs vdirsyncer:

  • After two seconds if a file is changed. ("active" runs)
  • Every fifteen minutes if no file has changed. ("passive" runs)

Active runs will be postponed by two seconds if you keep editing files. This is so that, if multiple events are happening at once (e.g.: you're copying a bunch of files), synchronisation will happen only after you're done.

Feel free to join the IRC channel: #pimutils on irc.libera.chat.


  • If you alter files continuously within two second intervals, vdirsyncer will not run. It'll run after the continuous editing happens. This should not be an issue for usual / desktop usage.
  • If you run vdirsyncer sync manually, another sync may be triggered due to our change detection. This is generally fine due to atomicity, but may result in pointless double-runs.


There's an AUR package for ArchLinux users.

For other platforms, you can build autovdirsyncer using:


And install using:

sudo make install


Finally, enable this to run as a service for your user with:

systemctl --user enable --now autovdirsyncer

systemd is not required, and you may use the service manager of your choice to run this.

Keep in mind that the binary is not in your $PATH my default, but in /usr/lib/autovdirsyncer, since it's not intended to be run interactively.


autovdirsyncer is licensed under the ISC licence. See LICENCE for details.