fix: update old branch name references
doc: add a note that all active development is on sprig
Remove documentation about loading from disk, add E-mail contribution.
feat: ensure we don't block in replylist subscription
feat: simplify ReplyList type
deps: switch to new Archive implementation

This switches from using a special subscribable store from the
sprout package to using a slightly more powerful one provided by
bugfix: typing captial L in message no longer triggers log
bugfix: update bottom bar on click selections
ci/cd: use zip archiving for windows releases
ci/cd: fix srht autorelease
ci/cd: remove currently-broken build targets
bugfix: fix building on windows

I accidentally used a non-portable way of acquiring the
file descriptor for stdin before.
feat: simplify gpg support logic
feat: gracefully disable GPG support if it isn't installed
bugfix: ensure that gpg use-cases don't prompt
feat: allow loading encrypted private key after first run

We now prompt for the encryption passphrase at startup if a user is asking
us to manage the private key for them. This is honestly just to avoid the
need to implement a secure password entry TUI widget, as I can see burning
many hours working on that.
feat: working message creation sans GPG

This commit allows a new user to disable GPG support and create
a functioning identity during their first session. It does not
yet properly support re-launching wisteria, as it would need to
re-acquire the passphrase for the private key.
feat: save encrypted private key after generating it
deps: switch to protonmail crypto lib fork in all dependencies