Terminal Arbor Chat Client
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


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Wisteria is a terminal chat client for the Arbor Chat Project.

NOTE: wisteria is not actively maintained right now. Development focus has shifted to sprig, our cross-platform GUI client. We'd like to be able to maintain both, but we lack the number of people that requires right now.

#About Arbor

arbor logo

Arbor is a chat system that makes communication clearer. It explicitly captures context that other platforms ignore, allowing you to understand the relationship between each message and every other message. It also respects its users and focuses on group collaboration.

You can get information about the Arbor project here.

For news about the project, join our mailing list!

#Trying it out

To get started with wisteria, you can follow our Getting Started with Arbor guide.


What is this?

wisteria is a minimal terminal arbor client. It can receive messages directly from a relay through the Sprout protocol.


Want to work on wisteria? Here's how to do common stuff:

#Build a customized version

If you've modified your code and want to take it for a spin, you can use:

go build .

This will place a wisteria executable in the current working directory. You can run that with:


#Running the tests

You can run all of our tests by doing:

go test -v -coverprofile=coverage.profile ./...

This will give you lots of feedback about the tests, and will also generate a code coverage report. You can view the code coverage in your browser by running:

go tool cover -html=coverage.profile

#Submitting a change

We accept Pull Requests three ways:


Make your own version of the code in a personal SourceHut repo. You can either push your local clone to SourceHut or click the blue "Clone repo to your account" button on this page to get your own copy in SourceHut.

Once you have your own SourceHut repo for wisteria, click the blue "Prepare a patchset" button (in the same place that "Clone repo to your account" was). Choose your branch and the commits within it that you'd like to submit. Once you reach the stage with the title "Finalize the patchset", click to "Add a cover letter" and explain what your PR is for. Feel free to also add commentary to any of the patches.

Once you reach "Review your patchset", send the email to ~whereswaldon/arbor-dev@lists.sr.ht. You should then be able to see your patches and our responses to them here on the mailing list.


We have a GitHub wisteria mirror repo. You can submit a Pull Request there.


If you don't want to create a SourceHut account or a Github account, you can submit patches via e-mail to the mailing list managed by SourceHut.

Clone the repository from SourceHut using the anonymous https option and work as you normally would with git: make your changes, stage them, and commit them.

Once you're ready to create your PR, follow the instructions here to actually send your patch to the mailing list at ~whereswaldon/arbor-dev@lists.sr.ht. After you've sent your patch the process is identical to SourceHut: you can verify that your patch was received by looking at the list as well as see any responses.