Implement list verb in example relay
Add ability to connect to peer relays in args
Implement more message handlers
Implement more message handlers
Split relay code into multiple files
Subscribe to new messages in the store
Implement a few message handlers
Fix status verb and status codes in sprout
Improve logging for test connection
Ensure test probably chooses an open port
Test to ensure that real network connections work
Ensure nil handlers cause errors not panics
Implement relay skeleton
Ensure fmt.Fscan* methods are buffered

If the fmt.Fscan* family of methods are invoked on unbuffered
input, they will consume an extra byte of data. The tests
didn't catch this because they coincidentally used a buffered
input instead of a network connection. Because network
connections are normally unbuffered, the protocol was unable
to read messages from the network without this change. The
tests should also be modified to use a network connection
in at least one test to ensure that messages can be read
Add simple relay framework with TLS

The TLS can be tested by generating a self-signed cert like so:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem -days 365

Then you can use SOCAT to send stdin (and the relay will echo on stdout):

socat OPENSSL:localhost:7777,verify=0 STDIN
Revert "Bump minor version" - mistake

This reverts commit 3303733a66cfb5e1b9e820bd708994b4664e30c5.
I was being inconsistent about whether the current draft was a
new version. I think it's simplest/best to just leave it at 0.0
for the time being.
Bump minor version
Add README and license
Add tests for Announce
Add tests for Response