Golang library for speaking the Sprout Protocol (part of the Arbor Chat project)
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This is an implementation of the Sprout Protocol in Go. It provides methods to send and receive protocol messages in Sprout. Sprout is one part of the Arbor Chat project.

NOTE: this package requires using a fork of golang.org/x/crypto, and you must therefore include the following in your go.mod:

    replace golang.org/x/crypto => github.com/ProtonMail/crypto <version-from-sprout-go's-go.mod>

#About Arbor

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Arbor is a chat system that makes communication clearer. It explicitly captures context that other platforms ignore, allowing you to understand the relationship between each message and every other message. It also respects its users and focuses on group collaboration.

You can get information about the Arbor project here.

For news about the project, join our mailing list!


This repo currently contains an example implementation of an Arbor Relay, which is analagous to a "server" in a traditional chat system. You can find it in cmd/relay.